Let's Work Together to Tell Your Story

Let’s face it, we can’t possibly rely on our memory to recall the highs, lows, and the middles of raising a family--and those are the moments that truly matter and are what makes your family unique.

My focus is on young families who are busy with life and love and getting through the day (even if they are hanging by a thread!)  it’s my favorite stage to capture.  Kids are not “too cool” for the camera and there is a natural flow and energy with littles running around the house.  Maybe I should change my tagline to "ALWAYS messy, always real" :)

Raising kids isn't brain surgery, but it is hectic and mind numbing and exciting and rewarding and humbling and spectacular all at once.  It's a roller coaster!  And I want to come along for some of the ride :)

Let's work together to tell your story and preserve the moments that you may not even realize are there!  I will capture the little things that are true to only you and your crew--all while you are going about your day-to-day business.

When we work together, I'm not just a fly on the wall, I'm an honorary member of the family and I want in on the crazy love in your house.

I will be your family's personal photojournalist and I'm there to tell your beautiful, messy, and sometimes crazy story:

  • Morning or Evening Routine
  • Family Outing or Tradition
  • Newborn/Fresh 48 in-hospital
  • Just hanging around the house
  • Day in the Life

Let's start the conversation--contact me today and we'll figure out how to best tell your family's story! 


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