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Ultimate List of Sweet and Savory Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

Ultimate List of Sweet and Savory Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

If you're familiar with the keto diet, you are no stranger to the term, "fat bomb".  It may be a little off-putting if you haven't yet come over to the dark side of becoming a fat burner.  But once you do, you'll realize just how much you need a good keto fat bomb recipe in your arsenal. 

What is a Fat Bomb?

Fat bombs are bite-sized, high-fat, low-carb "snacks".  They are a great appetite suppressor that can keep your blood sugar levels even throughout the day.  They can also help ease a raging sweet tooth--pop one of the sweet fat bombs in your mouth and feel satisfied with the high-fat, low-carb sweet flavors for hours. 

If you're tracking your macros, it will be easy to see when you can use a fat bomb or two to meet your numbers.  Fat bombs are also great to have if you haven't planned ahead and you are about to eat anything in sight--grab a fat bomb and stay on track.

Many people use fat bombs simply as appetite suppressors since the levels of high quality fat will satiate you for hours. 

Fair warning: they are not meant to be eaten in excess. 

Sweet and Savory Fat Bomb Recipes

If you're like me and one bite of sweets triggers cravings for ALL THE BITES, maybe stick to the savory fat bombs that I've rounded up towards the bottom of the post.   

This is the BEST list of sweet and savory keto fat bombs!  Stay in ketosis, manage your appetite, or just indulge in a healthy, full-fat treat to keep you on track with these fat bomb recipes :)   #keto #ketodiet #ketosis #ketorecipes #fatbomb #fatbombketodiet #fatbombketoeasy 

I've scoured the interwebs and compiled the ultimate list of fat bomb recipes--there's something here for everyone! 

Ultimate List of Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

Sweet Fat Bombs

Better Than Mounds Chocolate Coconut Candies

image: All Day I Dream About Food

I am a fan of Mounds, but even as a kid I thought they were too sweet.  These sweet fat bombs look like a much better, and healthier, version of this popular candy bar.  And only 5g of carbs for TWO!  

Carolyn writes and creates low-carb recipes at All Day I Dream About Food and her mouthwatering photos have me so inspired.  

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

image: Low Carb Yum

So what kind of crazy lifestyle says you can eat chocolate peanut butter cups and actually stay healthy.  The keto lifestyle.  If you don't have an issue with portion control, these treats would be a great mid-afternoon treat/snack to keep your energy up and your appetite stable.  Yum.

We don't keep peanut butter in the house due to my son's allergies, but I'm betting sunflower seed butter could work as a substitute.   

Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

I'm more of a chocolate person, but I know plenty of people who would love these simple strawberry cheesecake fat bombs that I found on Elviira Krebber's blog, Low-Carb, So Simple.  A former vegetarian, she suffered through serious health issues and was on the brink of death when she took control of her life and found the keto diet.  Her story is powerful and shows that you have to take control of your health--no doctor can do it for you. 

And she's from Finland!  #finnsunite :) 

Keto Blueberry Cream Pie Fat Bombs


Another no chocolate fat bomb on the list from Jessica at Forget Sugar Friday.  These little fat bombs only have 1 gram of carbs and look like a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth!  I don't generally like fruit flavored treats, but blueberries and coconut just sounds like a perfect summer fat bomb treat.

Chocolate Butter Fat Bombs

image: Whole Natural Life

Considering I sometimes eat butter straight from the butter dish, this chocolate butter fat bomb recipe from Whole Natural Life sounded right up my street.  Plus, you freeze these fat bombs, so they take on an ice cream like texture which makes them all the sweeter.  

Nutty Coconut Fat Bombs 

image: Bakerita

These coconut fat bombs have a lot of ingredients, but they are super healthy ingredients and boy do they look tempting!  Rachel has an incredible library of recipes over on Bakerita

Plus, her healthy living story is so inspiring--she stared her blog at the age of 16 in 2010!  Color me impressed :) 

Easy Lemon Fat Balls

image: Keto Diet Blog

Another non-chocolate fat bomb from Martina at Keto Diet Blog are these lemon treats.   Her Easy Lemon Fat Bombs are made with coconut oil making them a very healthy snack/treat.  And she also has a Keto Fat Bomb book that looks amazing.   

Pumpkin Spice Fat Bombs

image: Real Balanced

These little pumpkin spiced treats are going on my baking list for this fall.  I love pumpkin pie, but I've had a hard time finding dairy free recipes that satisfy my pumpkin craving around Thanksgiving. 

Sara from Real Balanced created this gem along with so many other low-carb recipes like these mouth watering keto flourless mocha brownies

She has so many awesome recipes and I love the low-carb nut-free recipes she creates due to her nut allergy.  With my son's nut allergies, low-carb baking can be tricky since so many people rely on almond flour.  

Like these:

Powdered Sugar Holes Fat Bomb Recipe

image: Real Balanced

I'm not a big baker (so much mess, so much temptation), but my kids love donuts and I'd love to start baking more low-carb treats for them.  I'm so happy to have discovered Real Balanced!

Savory Fat Bombs

Bacon, Egg, and Avocado Savory Fat Bomb Recipe

image: KetoVale

These breakfast-y fat bombs would come in handy during a hectic morning when you're running late.  But beyond that, they'd be good as a snack.  These savory fat bombs from the folks at KetoVale are filled with healthy fats and protein and very low carbs.  

They also have a great keto diet recipe library for more meal prep and recipe planning.  

Keto Cheese Meatballs

image: Fat for Weight Loss

What a great idea: ground beef meatballs filled with melted cheese!  This is a great party recipe from Fat for Weight Loss and a great recipe for the kids!  I will be trying this one out for my family, for sure.  Too bad I don't eat cheese...

Cream Cheese Savory Fat Bombs

image: Fat for Weight Loss

Another incredible recipe from Aaron at Fat for Weight Loss is this savory fat bomb recipe using cream cheese, garlic, parmesan, and an olive for good measure.  

He also provides all of his fat bomb recipes in a free ebook on his site so you have them all in one place.  (He has several different recipe books, so if you want the one with the fat bomb recipes, just search for 'fat bombs' and it'll pop up for you.)

Low Carb Jalapeno Poppers

image: Ketogasm

I used to make a similar recipe to this one from Ketogasm for Joe in the oven, but doing them on the grill, or in our barrel smoker would take these fat bombs up a notch!

Keto Sausage Balls

image: Keto Size Me

More meatballs!  You can't really go wrong with a good sausage ball on hand as a snack.  They're the perfect size, tasty, and full of protein and fat.  I'm thinking about making a big batch of meatballs and freezing them just to have some at the ready.  They would thaw really fast--definitely a quick fix.  

Chicken Bacon Ranch Poppers Keto Fat Bombs

image: Real Balanced

I'm on a meatball roll here!  And these chicken bacon ranch keto fat bombs have a lot of ingredients, but OMG they look divine.  Perfect for a keto appetizer, or to have on hand for a snack.  Sara, from Real Balanced, has done it again making this her third recipe in this fat bomb recipe list.  

Low-Carb Arancini: Bacon, Cauliflower, and Cheese Fat Bombs

image: Peace Love and Low Carb

I've never had Arancini, but these bacon, cauliflower, and cheese fat bombs from Peace Love and Low Carb sound a-mazing.  Kyndra has amazing low-carb recipes on her site and I featured her in my Top 9 Keto Diet Blog post.  

Savory Pizza Fat Bombs

image: Ruled

I'll admit, these don't look super appetizing, but after reading the ingredients/recipe, holy moly they sound fantastic!  What a great idea for a keto football party this fall.  These savory pizza fat bombs from Ruled are under 2g of carbs per bomb and look full of flavor.  

Great list of sweet and savory keto fat bomb recipes--on the blog!  You have to see these mouth watering recipes for parties, snacks, or meeting your macros on your keto diet.  #keto #ketodiet #ketosis #ketorecipes #fatbomb #fatbombketodiet #fatbombketoeasy 

Fat bombs are not only great appetite suppressors that will help keep you in ketosis for your keto diet, but they are perfect party appetizers.  Instead of serving carb-laden chips and dips, whip up some of these fat bomb recipes and you won't have to worry about your macros.  

My only complaint about most fat bomb recipes are how much dairy products are used.  That might have to be my next roundup: dairy-free fat bombs!

So are you a savory fat bomb person or a sweet fat bomb person?  

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