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Estes Park, CO, Photo Diary

Estes Park, CO, Photo Diary

We booked a "cabin" along Fall River in Estes Park for two nights last weekend.  It's about the closest I'll ever get to camping for the rest of my life--we had maid service, if that gives you an idea of the level of "cabin" we booked haha. 

We were steps away from the water, we had a hot tub on the porch, bathrooms, a full kitchen and plenty of room.  Plus, the wi-fi was not great, so that helped keep us to our no-screens word.  Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip!

Traveling with kids in never easy, but this quick weekend trip to Estes Park, Colorado, was one of our best!  Is there a correlation between no screens and fun?  I think it definitely helps!  Plus, the Fall River was so life-giving...they could've walked that river for MILES.  More from our trip in this Estes Park, Co, photo diary.  

Estes Park Photo Diary

Kate announced that she didn't want to go fishing with the boys (oh darn!), so she and I went into town.  But only barely into town.  It was ComiCon weekend in Estes Park, so Main Street was pretty crowded. 

We shopped at a cute boutique, pitt-stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, hit up the Rocky Mountain National Park Visitor's Center and Gift Shop, and got iced tea to cool off.  

Kate also bonded with the sweetest pup at the coffee shop, surprise surprise ;) 

On our second day in Estes Park, we all got in our bathing suits and made our way down the river.  I told the kids I'd be leaving the camera at home and they were going to get to experience "river mommy" instead of "creeper mommy".  

But then I quickly realized that the rocks were very slippery and I'm really out of shape.  Plus, I was missing so many amazing moments and connections.  Joe was like, "Go!  Go get your camera :)"  I ran up the trail and doubled back to catch up with them.  I'm so glad I did.  

And I'm grateful that they have a dad who is more rugged and adventurous than their mother!  

The river wasn't crazy deep, but some areas were very strong.  It was a workout to stay vertical and it was really cool to see the way everyone supported each other and cheered each other on during the more "dangerous" parts of the Fall River. 

And mama bear had to speak up and pull the kids to the trail in one of the stronger parts of the river.  There's adventure and then there's being silly.  I'd rather play it safe.  They got plenty of adventure, trust me.    

On our last night, the kids were wiped out, but we went to Lake Estes to get some extra outdoor time.  The dock was closed, so we just hung out at the 'beach'.  I feel like we really tried to eek out the most experience during our time there.  A lot of times we get lazy ;)  Not this trip!  

Kate's face in that last shot had us in tears when we discovered it.  What a little toot!  

Estes Park is just under two hours from our house in south Denver.  I didn't take a lot of big picture images, but the views there are STUNNING.  It's the perfect little valley town surrounded by the prettiest mountains.  

I spoke with one local who said they see 4-5 million visitors between Memorial Day and Labor Day every year!  I can see why.  It's such a fun little town and we barely scratched the surface.  

Kate and I were going to go into Rocky Mountain National Park, but the line to get in was so long, so we just opted for the visitor's center LOL  Next time, we'll go when it's less hot and do some exploring there, for sure. 

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