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Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

I'm sure you're familiar with wardrobe subscription boxes by now (Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee, Fabletics), but the newest one to pop up on my radar is Amazon Prime Wardrobe.  I ordered my first box last week and this is my review of the process, the clothes, and what I decided to keep!

I tried Amazon Prime Wardrobe and this is my review!  Can you guess what I kept and what I sent back?  I LOVED the experience---so easy :) :) #over40fashion #over40style

(Note: This post contains some affiliate links (I receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through my link.).  Please see my full disclosure statement here.  Thank you!)

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

I started adding items to my Amazon Prime Wardrobe cart while doing research on some of Amazon's In-House Fashion labels last week.  I had never heard of it, but over by the 'add to cart' area they had a little nudge that asked if I wanted to add it to my Amazon Prime Wardrobe cart. 

After a little reading, I discovered that Amazon Prime Wardrobe is Amazon's wardrobe subscription box.  Sort of.  It's not really a subscription.  It's more like a do-it-yourself, fill up your box, wardrobe box with some perks like free shipping both ways.  

An Annoying Snag in the Ordering Process

I added five items to my cart and was so excited to go check out.  Cue the sad trombone.  WOMP WOMP.  Amazon Prime Wardrobe is not a household membership perk. 

And even though our Prime membership is paid for from our joint card and I am the primary user of this benefit, AND the clothes were coming to the primary member's same address, they wouldn't budge when I spoke with customer service over their chat service.  

Now, this seems minor, but it was a pain in the rear to get Joe's password from him.  He keeps all of his passwords on an encrypted external hard drive that he carries with him to and from work.  Very smart process, but not when you're the one trying to get a password from him. 

Anyways, I got the password from him the next day, signed in, made the purchase and moved on.  

This is my first Amazon Prime Wardrobe shipment!  I tried everything on, so you could see and I reviewed the entire process on the blog for all of the over 40 fashionistas out there :) 

We might be canceling that membership and then have me open a new membership as me as the primary.  (Prime Wardrobe sends updates on the order, which is great to me, but not to the dude who doesn't care to see said emails LOL)

Amazon Prime Shipping For The Win :)

Getting my Amazon Prime Wardrobe shipment within the 2-day window that we've all become accustomed to, was a great perk!  

Here's what I ordered, how it looked, and what I decided to keep:

1.  Black and Cream Striped Hooded Supersoft Sweatshirt from Daily Ritual (size M)

This striped hooded pullover from Daily Ritual was soooo soft.  Like, one of the softest things I've ever worn--and the inside was even softer than the outside.  I also love black and cream stripes, so I was surprised that I didn't feel amazing in this top.  

This is a super soft striped hooded sweatshirt from Daily Ritual via Amazon Prime Wardrobe almost stayed home with me, but it was a little too small.

But in the end, I think it was a little too small.  I really wanted to keep it, but I'm trying to only buy things I LOVE.  It would be adorable over black leggings for working out, or running errands.  The back is longer than the front. 

A black and cream hooded sweatshirt from my Amazon Prime Wardrobe box was really soft and comfy, but I didn't love it.  

For reference, I'm 5'8" and it covered my backside really well, but this one went back in the box because I have enough sweatshirts.

2.  Black and Navy Blue Sleeveless Shift Dress from Ella Moon (size M)

I bought this Ella Moon Sleeveless Shift Dress for an upcoming fall wedding even though I think I want a 3/4 sleeve dress for the affair.  I was really drawn to this probably because of the detail and the colors.  I want to do something other than black!

This is a high quality dress with a nice lining--it's heavy duty and the details are lovely.  It runs very big.  This is the medium and it was very roomy---great for covering the post baby pooch, but I think even the small would do that!  

It was even cuter with a dressy blazer over top, which is how I would've worn it to the wedding.  

But in the end, I didn't love it!  My standards are too high now LOL

3.  Grey and Cream Striped Handkerchief Top from James & Erin (size S)

I came so close to keeping this striped handkerchief top from James & Erin.  It's a great fall transition piece and I love a strong stripe!  

But the sleeve cuffs were very tight and I didn't feel amazing in it.  Looking at this photo, though, I'm wondering if I was too hasty.  Meh.  Gotta trust my gut ;) 

Here it is from the side.  It covered my backside well and was definitely an upgrade from my normal t-shirts.  It's really cute!  I think the tight sleeves were the deal breaker.  

This bold grey and cream striped t-shirt was really cute from my Amazon Prime Wardrobe box.  

4.  Slouchy Black T-shirt from Daily Ritual (size L)

Daily Ritual is all about comfortable classics which is basically my over 40 fashion mantra LOL  Okay, it has always been my fashion mantra ;)  

This is a mock-turtleneck (which I usually hate) slouchy black t-shirt from Daily Ritual with elbow length sleeves and it feels even better than it looks.  

It's so cute!  It's slouchy enough to cover my belly, yet structured enough to feel like I made an effort.  This top was a definite keeper!  

5.  Black Ruffled Dot Long Sleeve Top Ella Moon (size M)

I thought this ruffled dot long sleeve Ella Moon top was going to be the slam dunk of my first Amazon Prime Wardrobe box.   It actually looks cute in this image.

I decided against it for two reasons:  The pointy shoulders were just too pointy in person.  I felt kind of clownish.  The second reason--it was a tad too small.  And maybe with the next larger size, the shoulders would be more slouchy?  

I love the dot pattern and that it's see-through (feels dressy).  It has a black tank top lining, so no worries on it being too see-through.   I think it would look really cute with a jean jacket, but I can't rock a jean jacket.  So I tried it on with this army green jacket to get the feel...not bad!  

This black dot ruffle top from Ella Moon looks really cute with a casual jacket over the top!  One of the items from my first Amazon Prime Wardobe box.  

I do remember thinking that someone with long, full hair could totally pull off this top.  But it just didn't feel like "me".  So, back it went.

You Get a WEEK to Wear and Decide

I absolutely love the week long trial period with Amazon Prime Wardrobe.  Sometimes life gets in the way and the urgency of a 2-3 day turnaround to return what you don't want to keep (like most women's fashion subscription boxes) feels like too much.  

This gave me a chance to try the items on, and then sit with my decision for a few days before boxing up the rejects and sending them back. 

No Styling Fee

Another perk of Amazon Prime Wardrobe is there is no styling fee.  YOU are your own stylist.  For me, I love this freedom.  

Free Shipping BOTH WAYS

Obviously, Amazon Prime members already benefit from free shipping, but free returns aren't always part of the deal.  The Amazon Prime Wardrobe system makes the entire return process so easy.  You use the same box that the items were delivered in and it even comes with a self sealing strip.  

My review of the Amazon Prime Wardrobe "subscription box" service that is now available to all Amazon Prime members.  It's a great perk--come see what I kept and what I sent back :) 

A pre-printed return label is also included in your shipment.  It took seconds to package up my return and get the box ready to return.  

Generous Limit on How Many Items

From Amazon's FAQ page for Amazon Prime Wardrobe:

How many items can I try at one time?
You need to add at least three items to ship your Prime Wardrobe order, and you can try up to eight items at a time. You cannot add more than one exact item at a time to a single order (i.e., same size and color). There is no minimum dollar threshold for a Prime Wardrobe order.

Women's Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories PLUS Men's, Baby, and Kids

The flexibility of shopping for the entire family is a gift!  The entire process is so easy and talk about time more running around to find basics and cute accent pieces from different stores.  

I ordered my very first Amazon Prime Wardrobe "subscription box" and had so much fun trying on all of the pieces!  Come see my review of the process and what I decided to keep :)  #over40fashion #over40style #fashionforwomenover40

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review Recap

While I only ended up keeping one item from my first Amazon Prime Wardrobe box, I absolutely loved the experience.  And I love the piece I did keep!  I will be using the service again, only next time I'll be taking advantage of the 'up to eight items at a time' and probably adding in some kids' items.  

If you're already an Amazon Prime member, you should definitely be trying out this free service.  I repeat: it's FREE :) 

What other wardrobe subscription boxes have you tried?

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