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Women's Fashion and Style Over 40 | What I Wore Last Week

Women's Fashion and Style Over 40 | What I Wore Last Week

Here we go with week two of what I wore last week.  This was a big topic that bloggers wrote about five years ago (or maybe even longer) and I used to love those posts.  I'm not known to be an early adopter, so it's no surprise that I'm just starting this project in my 40s haha.  

And I need to work on my facial expressions ;)  

Here's my 2nd week of what I wore last week--outfits from this mom in her 40s.  Figuring out how to look 'stylish' while running around as a stay at home mom can feel like the last thing on my to-do list, but it is so important to invest some time and effort into your morning.  I swear it sets the tone for a great day!! :)  

Women's Fashion and Style Over 40

What I Wore Last Week

women's fashion and style over 40 workout clothes what I wore last week

Keeping it real with these workout clothes that I wore all day.  I'm committed to walking every morning at around 5:30 and on that Monday, I stayed in my workout clothes and did chores/painted all day.  It's a glamorous life, what can I say? 

I think most of this stuff is Old Navy and the shoes are New Balance.  My absolute ride or die sneakers...they just work with my feet, you know?   If you must know, leave me a comment and I'll link ;) 

weekly outfits 2-2.jpg

Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment and Kate's 11-year-old physical, so I had to look presentable ;)  I love these 'muscle shirts', especially when they're loose like this.  They cover my arms enough to feel like I'm not sleeveless. 

And the Target Dollar Spot/Bulldog's Playground never disappoints with summer scarves.  They are the perfect size and weight and price.  I think they're $3-$5, usually.  Unreal!  And those are the same Target jeans from last week and the brown version of my sandals from The Walking Company.  Sooo comfortable. 

weekly outfits 2-3.jpg

Wednesday was the 4th of July and we got a last minute invite to head to a friend's cabin in the mountains.  I had no idea how rustic it would be or what we'd be doing, so I just kind of layered a comfortable and not too hot outfit.  Red, white, and blue, of course. 

And Kate outdid herself for the holiday and even gave herself a special manicure for the occasion!

weekly outfits 2-4.jpg

Thursday was a pool day.  Which means I drove the kids to the pool and sat under an umbrella and read a book.  I guess it's pretty obvious from the picture that I rarely go without an umbrella LOL  I didn't even put on a swimsuit.  #winning  I'm sure you will all be dying to replicate this one, so just leave me a comment and I'll give you the deets haha.

weekly outfits 2-5.jpg

Friday morning I got my third chemical peel, so I had on zero makeup for this pic LOL  I'm currently shedding my skin like a snake.  Only one more treatment in another month and then I'll be writing about my experience.  We'll see if it was worth the time and money!

This is an old Gap baseball tee style sweater top.  I love it with a sparkly necklace, but on this day, I opted for a scarf belt.  This is my first pair of "girlfriend jeans" and I got them at J. Crew Outlet.  I'm not crazy about super baggy jeans, but when it's hot, I get it.  

These are baggy yet tailored enough so that I don't feel frumpy.

weekly outfits 2-6.jpg

Saturday night Joe and I snuck away for a date night--dinner and a movie.  I had planned to wear shorts with a different top and heals, but I hate having my leg skin touch the theater chairs.  I can't be the only one :) 

Plus, it's always so cold in there.  We saw "Won't You Be My Neighbor" and it was amazing.  This was day 2 of the chemical peel, so no peeling yet and my makeup covered up the redness from the burn.  

I'm back at it with my mom and date uniform from my what I wore last week series--week 2!  I'm no fashionista, but this is so fun!!  I hope you enjoy seeing how I put together comfortable outfits with a little flair!  Women's style and fashion ideas for the over 40 moms on the go :) 

The things we do for beauty, amIright?

Enjoy your week!!  

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