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Review: AmazonBasics Hard Side Spinner Suitcase

Review: AmazonBasics Hard Side Spinner Suitcase

As the kids get older, packing all of their crap...I mean clothes, etc. for a trip into their shared suitcase has been getting more frustrating.  Mainly because of the jumbled mess it all becomes at our destination.  Lately I started thinking that two small rolling suitcases for the kids would be a better way to travel.  Controlled chaos.  And I figured it would be a good time to get them to pack themselves!   

So I made an executive decision to get them each their own rolling suitcase.  I already had a good track record with the AmazonBasics line and started doing some research on a kids' suitcase with wheels.  And I found these hard side (clamshell) spinners that met all of my wants: lightweight, spinning, and in a non-black color. 

The AmazonBasics Hard Side Spinner Suitcase is a steal for a great piece of luggage!  I'm reviewing the Pros and Cons below :)

Looking for the best kids rolling suitcase?  These AmazonBasics hard case carryons are lightweight spinners for under $50!  We love them for traveling with the kids.  More info and photos on the blog today!  #amazonbasics #travelingwithkids #traveltips #roadschooling

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The kids LOVE them and I do, too.  I even used one of them as my primary suitcase for our trip to Maui!  It is one of the best hard case suitcases I've used!

AmazonBasics Hard Side Spinning Suitcase


AmazonBasics Hard Side Spinner Carryon Suitcase (AKA Your New Best Friend When You Travel With Kids)

Carryon/Cabin Size 20"

14 x 9.4 x 22 inches

7.72 pounds

$49.99 and FREE shipping via Prime

Pros of the AmazonBasics Hard Side Spinner Suitcase

Bright Colors

When I say bright, I mean bright.  As you can see in the photos, these are borderline fluorescent.  And that's okay!  Especially when it comes to kids.  Their suitcases should be fun! 

Plus, it makes baggage claim really easy.  

It does come in black, if you want to keep it classy ;)  


Just unzip the expansion zipper and get 15% more packing capacity!   The kids don't really use this feature because their clothes are miniature, but I used it for Maui!

These AmazonBasics hard case rolling suitcases are the best for kids!  The size is perfect for them!  #amazonbasics #travelingwithkids


I was looking for something in the 6-7 lb range (6 was the lightest I found while out and about at Target and TJMaxx) and these are 7.7 pounds.  Close enough :)  Especially for the kids who won't have a heavy bag, regardless. 

Zippered pockets for smaller items

One internal side has two zippered mesh pockets for smaller items like socks, or toiletries.  My kids used them for underwear and socks. 

Having a designated spot for them means less digging in the suitcase and less mess!

These roomy, yet lightweight hard case rolling suitcases are the best for kids because they have several zippered compartments for their underwear and socks, etc.  This was the first trip both of my kids packed themselves and it went so well.  (I gave them a list of what to pack).  #amazonbasics #kidssuitcase


The hard side case is tough and scratch resistant.  Everything feels well protected in this hard side spinner suitcase. 

And it includes a three-year warranty with your purchase.  Three years is a long time--we will take a lot of trips in those three years LOL!

High Quality Spinners 

The AmazonBasics Hard Side Carryon Suitcase has four double spinner wheels which makes for a super smooth ride.  You can push this front back and sideways, as well as pull it like a traditional rolling bag.  

Perfect Size for a Kid or a Short Trip/Weekender

We opted for the 20" because these suitcases are primarily for our kids.  They probably could share one of these, but I love that they each have so much room now. 

Kate packs millions of books that she likes to have at arms reach when she goes to bed in a strange place.  She usually brings them in her carryon backpack!  That makes her bag way too heavy, so this solves that problem. 

The kids can also bring stuffed animals and/or toys with less limits than before.  

(Only with the understanding that they are responsible for keeping track of them while we're out of town.  Not that we have a tendency to lose toys or stuffed animals while out of town.....insert rolling eye emoji here.)  

Telescoping Handle

I love this handle!  It works so smoothly and it's fun when it kind of sucks itself back in when you want it to retract.  Plus, the kids can put their carryon backpacks on "top" and roll everything!  

Cons of the AmazonBasics Hard Side Spinner Suitcase: 

The Bright Colors

The color selections are very bright...easy to spot (which is what I wanted), but they're intense.  They definitely don't give off a chic vibe.   But for the kids, who cares?   And like I said, they have black and some additional more muted colors (I think I saw purple and navy blue?).

Internal Design

One side zippers closed and the other side has a stretch clip thing.  I don't like that side.  Sometimes when you open it up things on the 'strapped in' side fall right out. 

That's probably a 'user packing error' LOL.  I'll have to work on that.  

The AmazonBasics line of products is fantastic and they even carry the best kids rolling suitcases--for under $50!

I'm really glad that my streak of awesome AmazonBasics products continues with these two hard case rolling suitcases for our kids.  You can't beat the price and I feel so much less pressure and stress now that we don't share suitcases.

If you're looking for a great kid's suitcase with wheels, this is a great option!

Traveling with kids this summer?  Or are you in need of a great rolling suitcase carryon for your weekend getaway?  Check out the AmazonBasics Hard Side Suitcase--under $50 and great quality!!  More on the post :) :) 

Let me know if you have any questions about the AmazonBasics Hard Side Spinner Suitcase---it's a great budget-friendly and durable suitcase!

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