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Kate's "Awesome Sandwich" Recipe | Kate's Korner

Kate's "Awesome Sandwich" Recipe | Kate's Korner

Kate's back for another installment of Kate's Korner!  Today, she's sharing a recipe with us:

I got the idea for The Awesome Sandwich while we were in the waiting room of the hospital where my Grandpa was having heart surgery.  A lot of my aunts and uncles were there and Aunt Anneli had an extra sandwich that she thought I might like.  It was an avocado BLT, I think.  It was my first BLT! 

It was delicious and then after we got home to Denver I started thinking more about it.  And on a 'fend for yourself' night (mom wasn't home) I decided to give it a try.   


The Awesome Sandwich

The full recipe is below (along with a graphic that mom made), but here are the steps to make The Awesome Sandwich!


1.  Toast some bread you like (when I say toast, I mean heat up until warm and lightly  crunchy)

2.  While your toast is toasting, fry some thinly cut salami 


3.  Take the salami out of the pan and put butter on both sides of your bread and wait till melted


4.  Take spinach and rip with hands. Then, put them on top of the butter on the bread.


5.  Put the fried salami on top of the spinach


6.  Put as much avocado as you want on the salami and add salt 


7.  Put butter and salt on the top outside 


8.  Eat!


Thank you, Kate!  I can't wait to read more from you :) 

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