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Cool Father's Day Gifts

Cool Father's Day Gifts

Last year, I did a Mother's Day in Denver guide, but with all of our recent travel, I didn't have time.  This year, I'm doing a Father's Day Gift Guide.  The twist?  I'm having Joe come up with the gifts--so this will be a list of cool father's day gifts, versus the funny socks and "World's Okayest Dad" t-shirt we got him last year haha!

What do dad's really want for Father's Day?  I went to my husband for some straight talk and he gave me loads of cool Father's Day gift ideas.  These aren't your grandma's gift ideas!!  | Getting Unschooled | #fathersdaygifts #coolfathersdaygifts #giftsfordad #giftguide

(Note: This post contains some affiliate links (I receive a commission at no cost to you if you purchase through my link.).  Please see my full disclosure statement here.  Thank you!)

Is there such a thing as a 'cool dad'?  How would one define a dad that is cool?  Laid back?  Manly?  Funny?  Chill?  Well-read?  Whether it's your father or another dad in your life, I think we can all agree: they all think they're cool.  So let's go with it and celebrate their cool dad status:  

Cool Father's Day Gifts

A Subscription Box...for Dudes

Women have cornered the market on subscription boxes for years and now men can have some fun, too.  Bespoke Post boxes are $45 a month and come packed with tried, tested, and unique "gear" that most men would appreciate. 

Plus, you can preview your box and decide if you want to skip it until next month, or let it ride.

What do dad's really want for Father's Day?  I went to my husband for some straight talk and he gave me loads of cool Father's Day gift ideas.  These aren't your grandma's gift ideas!!  | Getting Unschooled | #fathersdaygifts #coolfathersdaygifts #giftsfordad #giftguide
image: Bespoke Post

This is an example of one of their boxes where you age your favorite liquor in the aging kit and after 10 days drink your new concoction from this gorgeous set of tumblers.  They also have tie boxes, skincare boxes, and more.  

The Man Crate offers a lot of cool gift boxes at various price points.  It's not a subscription service, but it could be if you purchase your guy a gift card and let him choose what he wants when he wants.  They offer more variety than Bespoke Post.  

Other subscription box ideas to make him look and cool on Father's day include: Birchbox for Men, Men's Health, Butcher BoxTaster's Club, and Try the World.

Air Compressor and Accessory Kit

Before I met Joe, I had no idea the many uses of an air compressor: filling your car tires, filling up pool toys, filling up bouncy balls, blowing air out of filters, cleaning dining room chairs, etc.  The list goes on! 

Who knew air compressors had so many talents??  No wonder Joe listed this as a cool Father's Day gift idea--this workhorse should be a staple in every man's home!  

image: Amazon

This Porter Cable Air Compressor is the top rated air compressor on Amazon and it's only $100! The accessory kit is only $19. This is a slam dunk present for the cool dad in your life. He will appreciate it for years to come.

Laser Distance Measurer

Forget a fancy tape measure, give him this cool pocket room distance measuring tool from Bosch.  


image: Amazon

The Compact Blaze Laser from Bosch is accurate on the first measure and changes as you move closer to your target without the hassle of wrangling a tape measurer.

Activity Specific Sports Glasses

Cool Father's Day Gift Guide is on the blog today!  Getting Unschooled when it comes to gift giving :) 
image: Oakley

Oakley has some unique options if your father or husband is cool enough to still do sports ;)  Or maybe they just like the look of cool sunglasses

Joe recently got a fresh pair of driving sunglasses, ski goggles, and golf sunglasses and he said the difference has made a huge impact.  

A gift card makes the most sense in this case--especially since you can customize colors and specs to each person's needs.  Let them go into an Oakley store and create their masterpiece.

Race Car Driving Experience

Porsche offers three locations around the country to experience driving a Porsche on a race track--to really see what one can do :)   Now that's a cool Father's Day gift!  

image: Porsche

Xtreme Xperience has a tour around the country's various race tracks where you can drive "exotic cars" like a race car driving pro.  I've heard this is an amazing experience! 

Poker Chip Set

Who couldn't use a poker chip set?  A round up of cool Father's Day Gifts is on Getting Unschooled today!

image: Amazon

I feel like this is a good standard gift for a cool dad.  Who doesn't love to play poker?  Having nice chips and a carrying case elevates the whole game. 

We've had this Poker Chip Set for years and while it's been collecting dust lately, it's nice to know we have a quality set to whip out if we have friends over or if we want to play with the kids.

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Cool Father's Day Gift Guide is on Getting Unschooled today!
image: Crutchfield

Joe has been wearing his noise canceling Bose headphones since before the Beats by Dre ear-huggers were deemed "cool".  #forwardthinker  I was almost too cool to be seen with him when he used to wear them on the metro ride to work haha!

Regardless of how you think they look, noise canceling is cool for everyone.  You can't go wrong with a set like these from Sony

I don't trust myself with the wireless earbuds, but those could be a great option if the dad in your life is too cool for big ear-hugging head phones.

Laser Golf Range Finder

If your father or husband plays golf, I'm betting this gem has been on his wish list for a while.  A laser golf range finder can elevate their golf game and make the experience so much more fun!  Plus, a gadget like this might feel frivolous for them to buy it for themselves, so if you buy it there is no guilt!  

Spoil dad this year with something from this Cool Father's Day Gift Guide on Getting Unschooled!  There's something for everyone here :) 

image: Amazon

At around $150, this TecTecTec laser golf range finder is an investment, but for cool dad status maybe you can split the cost between siblings?

Woodworking Class

Cool Father's Day Gift Ideas is on Getting Unschooled! 
image: Woodcraft

Woodcraft has lots of locations and offers classes that range in skill level from complete beginner to advanced professional.  You have to search by location to see what's in your area, but from Joe's experience these are worth every penny.  And when a man gets to work with his hands to create something?  That makes them feel like a man's man.  And that's pretty cool!

Other Cool Father's Day Gift Ideas

1.  Gift certificate for two rounds of golf at a nicer golf course so he and his buddy can play a round and have lunch afterwards.

2.  Tickets to a local show of a band or artist he loves.

3.  Personalized something--watch box, charging station, key ring, luggage tag.

4.  Nice luggage.  Joe loves his Tumi bag (similar) and it can be personalized.  

In the end, we don't usually go crazy for mother's day and father's day, but some people might.  I hope these ideas point you in the right direction for the cool father's/dads in your life this year!

(title image: Porsche)

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