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Teeny Titans App Review | Kate's Korner

Teeny Titans App Review | Kate's Korner

Today is the first (of many, I hope) posts by my 10-year-old daughter, Kate.  She'll be reviewing things she loves, or creating a weekly vlog, or doing her own take on our Week in the Life of an Unschooler series.   

(Editor's note: this piece was edited by me with Kate beside me to evolve her first draft to this point.  I tried my best to leave it alone as much as possible, while maintaining a standard of writing and the style that this blog strives to achieve.  It was a great learning experience--for us both LOL)

Take it away, Kate!

A review of the Teeny Titans App/Game from a 10-year-old's perspective! 

Teeny Titans is my new favorite game. It’s an app that I bought with my own money for my Amazon Fire. 

Teeny Titans app review from my 10-year-old, Kate!
image: Cartoon Network

image: Cartoon Network

You play as Robin.  He used to be Batman’s sidekick and is now the "leader" of the Titans on the Teen Titans Go! Series on Cartoon Network. 

You collect figures, or characters, as you go along in the game. The goal is to collect 77 figures and win tournaments to get awesome new characters. I also love it because there is a mini episode right before you start playing. 

It’s super fun because the more you do, the more “figs”, or “figures”, you unlock.  You win the game by collecting all 77 figures (while solving these mysteries and challenges along the way).

Why I Love the Teeny Titans App

You Can  Play Without Wifi

It costs a few dollars, but it’s super fun to play. Like when you only have Minecraft on long car rides, you’ll also have a cool new game to play.

It’s a Game Based on Teen Titans Go! Show

If you like Teen Titans Go!, you will love this game. The figures in the game are even cooler when you recognize them from a show of Teen Titans Go!  Example: Dad Nightwing

You Can Battle to Unlock Cool New Characters

Teeny Titans is even more fun when you earn the figures. Plus, battling levels up the characters you already have.  The highest level is 20.   

I have a lot of favorite characters:

Wonder Raven

She is very cool because she has this move where she goes so fast you can only see a blur of color. You might also recognize her from “Two Parter, Part 1” and “Two Parter, Part 2”, two episodes of Teen Titans Go!


She is a member of the Operation Dude Rescue team(also a two part episode of Teen Titans Go), and because she has awesome rock powers.

I got her by defeating (not figure) Terra at the Uppity Uptown tournament.


I like Jinx because she is also a member of Operation Dude Rescue and because of her crazy hair.

Old School Silke

Old School Silke is so cute and he always helped me win lots of battles.

Dad Nightwing

Dad Nightwing has an adorable, but also very strong, baby that could even take down Mr. Chibi (the CEO of the Teeny Titans company)!


 She is amazing with her arrows and her little dance after she beats someone is so serious. 


I like Batgirl because she “borrowed” the ultimate Batterang from the Batcave, and because she is a very strong character.

Harley Quinn

She has a move where she takes out her hammer and kicks the opponent instead.  She is a very funny character.

That might seem like a lot of figures/characters, but all of the characters are so much fun!

There are also little side missions that you complete, so you can get figures without battling, too! 

The game also has a little mystery within it that you have to solve as you move forward in the game.  Most of the mystery involves the clam at the beach.  

It’s a very time consuming game and it always leaves you wondering what happens next.

image: App Unwrapper on YouTube

I think it is a great game and I would give it a 100,000,000 star review. (Editor’s note: I confirmed that this rating is based on a 5-star scale.)

Teeny Titans is based on the characters from Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go show.  You can purchase the game in iTunes and other App stores for $3.99.  Worth every penny!    

There is going to be a sequel to it called: Teen Titans Go Figure! Coming out later this year where the goal is to collect more than 100 figures! 

A Teeny Titans Game review from my 10-year-old daughter, Kate.  

Thank you, Kate--this was a great first post for your new column on the blog :)  I can't wait to read more from you!

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