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Top 20 Denver Lifestyle Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2018

Top 20 Denver Lifestyle Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2018

Are you looking to learn more about the Denver area, or are you in the mood for some new lifestyle content from some awesome bloggers?  Look no further than Feedspot's Top 20 Denver Lifestyle Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2018.  You may see someone you know.  At the number 14 spot.  Who looks familiar....okay, it's THIS BLOG!  Getting Unschooled made the list :)    

Writing blog posts is a labor or love and I truly love it.    And when I say "labor", what I really mean is time consuming. 

Between researching SEO and keywords, Pinterest strategies, social media posting, photography, and planning and creating content, it's a lot of work!  And it takes time.  A 2,000+ blog post with affiliate links and images can take up to eight+ hours to write.  It sounds insane, but that's a conservative estimation.    

These kids are my top priority, so I've been trying to eek out good times for me to create content for the blog!  I'll figure it out.  And Feedspot just named the Getting Unschooled blog as one of its Top Denver Lifestyle Blogs for 2018!!

And I've been struggling to find the perfect time during my week to pump out more content.  I'm with my kids all day and I'm running our house.  Which sometimes feels like a full-time job. 

I love the freedom that homeschooling and unschooling provides us!  We adventure and play.  And it means that my 'free time' is non existent LOL  I wouldn't change it for the world--just trying to figure out the best time to create content for the Getting Unschooled blog :)  We were named one of the Top Denver Lifestyle blogs for 2018 by Feedspot!  yay!

All that to say that this is my passion project and also what keeps me sane and feeling alive!

I'd love to monetize it it further to show the kids that it can be done.  I'm making a little bit of affiliate marketing cash now, but I'd like to grow that...and between learning how to do that, and creating content?  Honestly, there are days when I just want to walk away.  But I CAN'T.  It's like an addiction LOL  My brain needs to have this all for myself.  And you, the reader, of course :) 

Getting Unschooled made it to Feedspot's Top 20 Denver Lifestyle blogs for 2018!  Whoot :) 

So when I got the email letting me know that Feedspot had selected little ol' Getting Unschooled as one of their Top 20 Denver Lifestyle Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2018, I was excited, to say the least!  It's a nice boost and motivation to keep charging forward :) 

This is a great list for anyone looking for more information about Denver, Co, but also some incredible lifestyle bloggers who just happen to live in Denver :)  Come find some new inspiration!  #bestlifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #denverblogger

And I'm among amazing company--The Denver Ear, 303 Magazine, Visit Denver?  Come on!  They are huge!  And the lifestyle blogs also on the list are beautiful, like The Denver Housewife,   South on Broadway, The Home Handcrafted, and more!

I especially loved getting tipped off to some of the other lifestyle bloggers in the area.  I hope to make some new friends :)  

Check out the list of the Top 20 Denver Lifestyle Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2018

Are you familiar with Feedspot?  It's an RSS reader that organizes articles and blog posts from around the web according to your preferences.  I love the way it sends a daily email organized by subject area that I can quickly skim to see if anything catches my eye.  

Here's a snippet of a recent email I received from Feedspot with articles organized by topics I'm interested in (I'm showing education, mindfulness, and SEO in this snippet).


Who has time to go out and read every single blog or news website?  This keeps all of the articles you may want to read in one place.  It's a great time saver!  

Thank you, Feedspot, for including me in the Top 20 Denver LIfestyle Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2018.  I can't wait to post this medal on my site.  If I can just figure out how to do that LOL

Getting Unschooled made it to the list!  Feedspot awarded the Getting Unschooled blog the honor of inclusion in its Top 20 Denver Lifestyle Blog list for 2018!  Whoot!

And now it's time to go back to editing photos and writing blog posts before the kids wake up :)  Cheers!

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