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Week in the Life of an Unschooler | How We Unschool #6

Week in the Life of an Unschooler | How We Unschool #6

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The other day someone asked what we've been up to lately and Kate piped up, "we've been playing video games all day long".  GREAT.  Thanks, Kate.  But then when I tried to remember what we've been doing I literally drew a blank. 

Thankfully I take a lot of pictures.  So I have a record of what we've been up to--a sort of 'unschooling curriculum', if you will :)   Buckle up...this one's a doozy haha.

Ever wonder what unschooling curriculum looks like?  Come check out our Week in the Life of an Unschooler series!  It's full of GREAT ideas :) 

Week in the Life of an Unschooler   

Red Feather Woman

This event actually happened a few weeks ago, but I forgot to include it.  And since these posts are somewhat of a diary for me to look back on and remember what we were doing all year, I want to make sure it's documented LOL

So.  One of the homeschooling groups we belong to is pretty active and one of the moms organized a dream catcher making class with a Colorado Native American named Rose Red Elk (aka: Red Feather Woman).  

She's an award winning recording artist and is going to be a published author soon.  She performed a song about dream catchers that was so beautiful.  I recorded it so that Townes could play it before he goes to sleep.  

 She blew us away!  After the song and a brief history of dream catchers, she taught the group kids how to make their own dream catchers.  It was such a unique experience.   

We got in on a homeschooling group's dream catcher experience!  Red Feather Woman sang us a beautiful song (that she wrote!) and taught the kids how to make dream catchers.  Kind of cool to unschool our way into some American Indian curriculum :) 
The kids made their own dream catchers in this week's week in the life of an unschooler!  

History of Colorado

Oh my goodness I loved visiting the History Colorado Center!  I was honestly kind of dreading it (I'm not crazy about museums LOL).  One of my homeschooling groups that we hang out with organized a private "time traveling" tour of the museum. 

The tour guide took the kids back in time to various years in Colorado's history.  It was a cool way to learn while having some fun!  It was very hands-on and the kids wanted to stay longer, but we had to get back for Kate's dance classes.  

We'll definitely be going back!

Another homeschooling event that we tagged along to was a time travel tour at Denver's History Museum.  The kids didn't want to leave-we'll definitely be going back!
We unschooled our way around the History Colorado Center last week and even took a time traveler tour.  It was awesome!
Week in the life of an unschooler at the History Colorado Center!
The gift shop is always popular ;)  | Week in the Life of an Unschooler | Unschooling Curriculum 
They are never bored!  Our unschooling curriculum involves a lot of waking up and seeing what we feel like doing on any given day.  I love it!  Come see what we've been up to in our week in the life of an unschooler series :) 

Hello Fresh

Kate still loves to tinker in the kitchen, but we found that Blue Apron was a little 'much' for us.  We decided to give Hello Fresh a try because they advertise themselves as "Easy Home Cooking" and it sounded more our speed.  I love not having to plan and shop for our meals, but that doesn't mean I want to cook something fancy, you know?  

Spoiler:  We really like it!  This is our second week and the recipes are so much more simple.  

Our 10-year-old LOVES cooking and we tried out Hello Fresh after finding that Blue Apron was a little too complicated.  She loved it!  See what else we've been up to in our latest Week in the Life of an Unschooler :) 


We got back into puzzleling last week and I'm so glad.  It's one of the very few activities that we all can agree on and enjoy doing together.  Plus, it's teamwork!  This one was probably a little too easy, but it reignited their spark for puzzles, so that's all that matters.

I was just searching on Amazon for more for us to complete. 

Week in the Life of an Unschooler is our little recap of our unschooling curriculum :) 
We're back into puzzles in this installment of a Week in the Life of an Unschooler :) 

Finished Lego Set

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen me talking about the Lego set that took forever. I think we bought this 4000+ piece set back in October-ish ( Lego Expert Assembly Square ).

After about two or three months, we had to pack it away because it turned into a chore and it was just sitting on our kitchen table taking up space and looking like a mess.  And hanging over our heads.  

It wasn't fun for Townes and that's kind of the whole point, right?  So we took a breather.  (And decided to take the 16+ age guideline more seriously next time!  It's not that it was over Townes' head, there was just a lot of tedious, boring parts to build.)

I pulled it back out a few weeks ago thinking he would have renewed interest and motivation, but it still took some cajoling.  But when I told him that he wasn't allowed to purchase a new Lego set until this one was done, that really helped.  

And then we decided to just get 'er done.  We put Townes in charge and Kate and I were his minions looking for pieces and prepping the next steps.  We did switch roles so that Kate could delegate, too.  

It was really fun and we were beyond excited when it was completed.  And they are having fun playing with it--the detail on this set is amazing.  There's a bakery, coffee shop, ballet studio, photography studio (!), and apartment, and so much more.  It's unreal!  I freaking love Lego ;) 


Space Foundation Discovery Zone

This was another first for us, the Space Foundation Discovery Zone down in Colorado Springs.  It was....smaller than we expected.  And it was very quiet, but that gave us the undivided attention of the guides!  

Personally, I love anything space related, so this was fun for me.  Like I said, it's smaller than we expected, but we'll be going back next month for "homeschooling day" where they have more mini-exhibits. 

And I naturally made a stop by Rudy's BBQ on the way home like we always do for our Garden of the Gods visits.   I mean, it was right there.  Okay.  It was 10 minutes in the opposite direction of home, but who's counting?  

Fun at the Space Foundation Discovery Zone--more from our Week in the Life of an Unschooler is on the blog :) 
Last week our unschooling curriculum had us at the Space Foundation Discovery Zone in Colorado Springs.  More from our Week in the Life of an Unschooler is up on the blog! 

Spider Monkey 

I've been hearing a lot about this amped up trampoline park and we finally made it.  During Spring Break.  (Facepalm).  It was a zoo, as you could imagine.  But it was so, so fun.  And we can't wait to go back now that everyone's back in school.  Unschooling has its perks!  

We went to Spider Monkey for the first time in this installment of our Week in the Life of an Unschooler! 

Thunder Snow and Summer

The weather in Denver is coo coo.  Like legit nuts.  You really never know how to dress around here LOL  But I'm used to it after four years.  Before this thundersnow last week, we were burning up in the sun!  

Spring in Colorado is all over the place--which makes life a little more interesting :)  More from our Week in the Life of an Unschooler is on the blog!  
Week in the Life of an Unschooler #6
Unschooling curriculum includes lots of puppy love :)  Our latest Week in the LIfe of an Unschooler is up on the blog! 

We don't follow any unschooling curriculum (for now, anyway) and I finally think we're making our way out of deschooling.  I'm feeling really full and happy with how things are going. 

Some days are more successful than others and that's okay with me!

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