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NEW FEATURE!  Prints of My Favorite Inspirational Quotes

NEW FEATURE! Prints of My Favorite Inspirational Quotes

It's funny---I thought I could paint or draw some beautiful quotes and make them into prints to sell on my blog or in a little Etsy store.  My favorite inspirational quotes--some well known quotes and some not so well known.  Some about homeschooling and child-led learning and some just about positivity, etc.  But then I remembered that I'm not a hand letterer or a painter.  Ha!  

I started creating graphics of my favorite inspirational quotes on homeschooling and beyond :)  I love this Yeats quote so much and it is fits my unschooling philosophy.

But I'm decent at creating graphics, so that's what I started doing.  There are currently six prints in the library and there will be more coming soon!  Sign up below and get the link and password to download your prints! 


It has been so much fun creating these and I wanted to share them with you for FREE!  Each month I'll be adding to my library of prints and you can take as many or as few as you'd like. 

When you sign up, you'll have access to the prints without my logo, so you can print them and hang them in your home, share them in Instagram...whatever!  


Enjoy :) 

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