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Spring Cleaning Day 2 | Freshen Up Your Home With Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Cleaning Day 2 | Freshen Up Your Home With Spring Decorating Ideas

Now that we've tackled spring cleaning your home, let's get it looking more like spring!  The quickest way to spruce up your home for spring is to change out some of your basic home decor pieces like wreaths and throw pillows, but I took it a step further and found some unique budget-friendly spring decorating ideas that will have you breaking out the shorts and flip flops.   Ha!  This is definitely not your grandma's idea of spring decorating ;) 

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I love shopping from small business owners and Etsy makes it easy to find them all in one place!  Here are some unique pieces from some small business owners via Etsy!  I know you'll be inspired for spring! 

SO CUTE!  I love shopping small businesses and I decided to do a roundup of spring decorating ideas all from Etsy!!  Come see what goodies I can tempt you with today on the blog :)  | Getting Unschooled is a family lifestyle blog about unschooling, homelife, over 40 style, and more!  Thanks for pinning :) 

Spring Decorating Ideas



I love this pretty spring wreath so much from AFeteBeckons! And it's made from scraps of fabric. How cool is that??

I almost didn't list it here because it comes in limited quantities, but I couldn't resist. Her entire store is beautiful, so if this one's sold out, you're bound to find something similar.

You could use this on your front door or on an interior door--even better because you can enjoy it all day long!

Unique tulip wreath from Aniamelisa comes in a lot of colors and will brighten anyone's door for spring.  This and more on my Etsy spring decorating ideas post :) 

This tulip flower wreath from Aniamelisa is a unique take on front door wreaths. It comes in a bunch of different colors and I just love how full it is and how completely different it looks--very untraditional and beautiful.

A gorgeous spring wreath is a great first step in decorating your house for spring!  See more spring decorating ideas on the blog today! 

A gorgeous spring wreath is a great first step in decorating your house for spring!  See more spring decorating ideas on the blog today! 

Twoinspireyou put together a beautifully elegant spring wreath that brightens up this front door. It's simple, yet it pops and it can carry your through the summer months, too!

Modern House Numbers

Modern metal house number plaques from Ligno Creations are so cool!  A refresh of your front door is a great place to start when decorating for spring.  More spring decorating ideas--all from Etsy--are on the blog today!!

I love the look of these modern metal house number plaques from Ligno Creations. They are so clean and sophisticated. Our numbers are in definite need of a refresh, but then again so is the paint, the front door, etc. Some day...

Spring decorating ideas today on the blog--including these beautiful house number decals from Streamline Design.  Come see what else I found on Etsy to help you decorate for spring!

Not ready to commit? Try a decal! These custom vinyl craftsman style house number decals from Streamline Design look sharp and can be removed easily! They come in a lot of colors and sizes, so every door color can find its match.

Spring Door Mats

Adding in a fresh doormat is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your front door area and to greet your guests. 

Personalized cactus doormat for spring is just one idea in my Etsy Spring Decorating Ideas post today!  Come see what else I found--so cute :) 

This spring cactus doormat really caught my eye. Personalization with some cute cactus plants? So cute! This classic look is from HeartandWillowPrints and I love the color combination and the fonts.

It would make an awesome house warming gift, or wedding gift, too!

"Hope you like cats" doormat from NinetoWneDesign cracked me up--it's not necessarily a "spring" doormat, but it's fun to get a new one as you decorate for spring!

Haha--this funny doormat made me laugh. I keep reading it like "yeah, hope you like cats!" because you'll be miserable if you don't hahahaha ha? But maybe it's just a sweet, 'hope you like cats as much as we do" all the smiley emojis :)

This is just one of many funny doormats from NinetoWineDesign (another funny one: "unless you're Amazon, the Answer is No" haha!) and while it's not necessarily springy, it'll be new!  Fresh starts and all that.

Spring decorating ideas have to include a doormat, right??  I adore this print and the feels so sweet and loving (from Palmer Lettering Company).  I have more ideas (all from Etsy) on the blog today!!

I love the colors and the modern design of this spring doormat from Palmer Lettering Company. And the "Come on in, would ya?" is so sweet!

Throw Pillows

Changing out a few of your throw pillows is an easy way to refresh your home decor for spring.  Here are a few to tempt you! 


I love this vibrant flower throw pillow from PillowThrowDecor on Etsy. This pillow screams spring and it could go with almost any color couch.

Gorgeous green print pillow cover--perfect for this spring decorating ideas roundup!

But spring isn't just about flowers. This gorgeous deep emerald green pillow cover from ThePillowCoverStore is a unique way to brighten up your space. Green is the color of life and that's what spring is all about! New beginnings :)

Spring decorating ideas means it's almost beach time!!  A little nod to the ocean with this cool black and 

Spring decorating ideas means it's almost beach time!! A little nod to the ocean with this cool black and white lobster print pillow cover is a quirky way to add some fresh style to your home.

RiverOakStudio has plenty of beach and vacation pillow covers to choose from, but I love the modern look of this black and white creation.  

Inexpensive Art Prints

Have you ever switched out art according to the seasons?  It's an easy and inexpensive way to set the tone of your home.  For spring, try some of these beautiful and affordable prints.  

Vibrant abstract water color art for digital download from SnoogsandWilde on Etsy!  Digital downloads are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for spring.

Full disclosure:  I have a major thing for abstract art.  I just can't get enough of it.  But I'll try to contain myself here. 

The above colorful watercolor abstract art print has big impact and the subtle vibe of spring. And as much as I love the convenience of a digital download, I really dig a reasonably priced print. That comes in the mail and I can just slip it in my frame.

SnoogsandWilde has over 300 watercolor images to choose from and needless to say, I just favorited her shop.  

Who doesn't love a beach print??  The colors and energy of this print draw me in...happiness squared!!  More ideas like art print digital download are on the Spring Decorating Ideas roundup today!  :) 

This beach print kind of sells itself, doesn't it?  I can feel a little stirring in my soul when I look at it.  I will have a beach house one day and this photo is a great inspiration!  

I've been on the hunt for an aerial view beach photo and Etsy has a lot of options. This print is available for digital download, so you can choose whatever size you want!

GoodVibesMotel has tons of other awesome digital downloads--so easy to get instant access and have new art within minutes.  

Hello Spring digital download from MamaADesigns is a blatant, yet beautiful welcome to spring in your home :)  More spring decorating ideas are on the blog today!!  Come see what gorgeous ideas I found on Etsy!!

You can't get a more in your face spring art print like this digital download from MamaADesigns. It's really cute and aside from the quote, the vibrant colors just light me up. It screams spring in more ways than one!

Hand towels

Wow!  Colorful tea towels for a unique twist.  These colors are beautiful for a kitchen and these are almost too pretty to use ;)  Come see what else I found on Etsy to give you spring decorating ideas!!  :) 

Oh my gosh I love how original these pretty spring tea towels are. Both colors just feel like spring. KitchStudios has over 300 items in their shop which has all things kitchen!

I don't think I've ever seen tea towels in any color other than white!  (I don't get out much ;)  I would probably not use these, but keep them on display.  They are great colors for the kitchen at any time, but they really feel like spring!  


I love the rich greens in this cute spring tea towel . I have only changed out my hand towels at Christmas, but I think changing them is an easy and simple way to update your house for spring.


SO CUTE!!  Awesome and budget-friendly spring decorating ideas--a roundup today on the blog  of all things Etsy :) 

I hope you found something here to inspire you--it was really fun coming up with these spring decorating ideas (and now I have to decide between those throw pillows.  And I need another throw pillow like I need a hole in my head!). 

Be sure to check back every day this week as I tackle more easy spring cleaning ideas! 

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