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Spring Cleaning Ideas | 9 Easy Ideas to Try

Spring Cleaning Ideas | 9 Easy Ideas to Try

Growing up I don't remember my family ever 'spring cleaning'.  We had Saturday chores that rotated through each kid (one week I had to dust, the next week it was bathrooms).  With eight kids, it was hard enough for my mom to manage the weekly chores, never mind a spring deep clean.  Who even does that??  Apparently a lot of people. 

Now that we're homeschooling the kids, I've been getting them involved with the household chores.  Last Friday was dubbed, "CHORE DAY!" (always said with enthusiasm) and despite groaning whenever I said, "CHORE DAY!", the kids were actually really helpful. 

In addition to me teaching them how to do a full bathroom clean, they knocked off some of the items on this easy spring cleaning list!

Here's a quick and easy list of spring cleaning ideas to consider when you do spring clean of your home!  Each should only take about 30 minutes (give or take ;)  The best part?  You can get the kids in on these mini-chores :) 

Awesome and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas!  Here's a great list of 30-minute tasks to get your house sparkling this spring!  

Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

Some of these things "should" be done quarterly, but some of them I've never done (see #5).  To each their own!  I just hope something on this list inspires you to tackle a few easy chores this spring :) 

1.  Clean Your Fridge and Freezer

This is a doozy and probably runs more like 45 minutes if it's been a while, but it is so rewarding.  Often we don't even realize just how disgusting your refrigerator has gotten until you start removing things from the door shelves and main compartment. 

Trust me: you're probably living like a very dirty person right now.  Don't worry, most of us are ha!

5 Easy Steps to a Clean Refrigerator

  1. Remove everything from the fridge (I usually work in sections, but you do you.).
  2. Throw away expired food.
  3. Pull the drawers and wash in the sink with dish soap.
  4. Use your favorite cleaner or very hot water with vinegar or dish soap to clean up spills and stains (or I also like Barkeepers Friend because it is scentless and works well).  
  5. Clean food jars, etc. before placing them back in the fridge.
  6. Move on to the freezer or schedule it for later in the week.

If you're concerned about food safety while you clean, grab a cooler from the garage to put your food in while you give her a scrub down.  

2.  Deep Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the probably the most used spot in the house and it's frustrating to clean it and have it look like a disaster zone the next time you cook.  But maintenance is key when it comes to keeping up with the mess and an easy spring deep clean is just 30 minutes away!

8 Basic Steps to Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

  1. Remove everything from the counters and sort paperwork or move it to the office.
  2. Scrub down your counters. 
  3. Deep clean your sink (one of life's more rewarding chores).
  4. Wipe down all the counter appliances and only return the items that you use on the regular.  Find a storage space for the others.  
  5. Scrub cabinets (use the baking soda and oil method, or your favorite wood cleaner).
  6. Polish/wash large appliances (is there anything Magic Erasers can't do??).
  7. Wash any rugs.
  8. Sweep and mop.
  9. BONUS:  if you have the time/motivation, grabe a sponge and scrub those hard to reach corners of the floor. 

This is one of my favorite things to do.  There's something so satisfying about a sparkling kitchen. 

I've even gotten better about leaving the kitchen in tip top shape before I go to bed.  And on the nights when I just say, forget it, I'm going to bed?  I always regret it!

3.  Wash Your Windows and Windowsills

We wash the windows pretty regularly because we have kids and dogs.  But actually washing the windowsills?  Not so much.  It's amazing how dirty they get!  Give your most seen windows a good cleaning with water and vinegar and be done with it.  An old toothbrush would come in handy for this to get down into the super dirty crevices. 

This is is an easy spring cleaning idea the kids can definitely do!

4.  Wipe Down/Dust Baseboards

This one is new to me since moving to our Denver house---I think because it took five coats (yes FIVE) of paint to cover our dark wood trim and doors, I want to keep them as bright white as possible. 

Wiping down the baseboards is easy and satisfying.  I actually have the kids do this a couple of times a year.  It makes them feel like they're accomplishing something and it's satisfying to see all of the dirt they're wiping up!

5.  Touch Up Paint

Speaking of white baseboards...Whip out the shorty paint brush (the greatest paint brush ever created) and your ultra pure white paint and touch up the baseboards. 

And the stair risers, if you have them.  I did this recently and it made a huge difference!  It's like teeth whitening for your home.

6.  Wash or Dry Clean Your Curtains

As someone who has taken Zyrtec every night for the past 16 years, you'd think this would be more of a priority.  But it's such a PITA, right?  Ugh.  I think I'll have to do this for our spring clean just because I have it listed it here as an easy spring cleaning idea.

Perhaps I'll just toss them in with Joe's dry cleaning pile? 

7.  Vacuum Your Mattress

Again, as someone with allergies, this should happen a few times a year.  We have one of those egg carton mattress pads and I just don't think about it.  But a little baking soda and a quick vacuum would freshen things up and  get the errant dust out of the bedroom.

If you want a more luxurious mattress  try this lavender and baking soda trick!

I'm going to get the kids on this chore this spring--it's something they can handle together.  Teamwork for the win!

8.  Wash Couch Slipcovers

This is such a pain in the rear, but if you have the IKEA Karlstad or Ektorp sofas like we do, it really makes a huge difference once they are washed.  And yes, this takes a little longer than 30 minutes, but that's just because you have to put them through the wash cycle.  

Pro Tip: if you pull them out of the dryer just before they are completely dry, you can minimize the sweating/pulled muscles as you try to fit them back on their cushions.  (keyword: minimize, not eliminate!) 

9.  Vacuum/Sweep Under the Couches

While you're washing the slip covers, go ahead and clean under the couch.  Trust me, you'll be disgusted.  Especially if you have kids and/or dogs.

And this one requires some muscle...but it's so worth it.   

Bonus:   Goodwill/Charity Donations

Get the kids involved and start piles for clothes that you've outgrown, toys that are past their heyday, and books that need a new home.  Be ruthless.  Ask yourself the Marie Kondo question, "Does this bring me joy or serve a purpose?".   

Just set the timer for 20-30 minutes and be done with it.  

I am a serial Goodwill donator, so this one comes easy to me.  I absolutely love to purge.  We hold on to so much that clutters up our homes and our brains.  It may not feel like it, but deep down, clutter and STUFF crowd our already full brains.  

I hope you're inspired to take a few of these easy spring cleaning ideas and get yourself cleaned up.  No one else will notice, but deep down, you'll know.  :) 

Be sure to check back every day this week as I tackle more easy spring cleaning ideas! 

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