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Spring Clean Day 4 | 7 Small Steps to Better Health

Spring Clean Day 4 | 7 Small Steps to Better Health

I used to listen to a sports radio show and some of the side characters would talk about 'getting cut' season right around March/April.  Spring was their time to shed the winter weight and get "cut" by lifting weights.  They were coming out of hibernation. 

That's what spring is all about:  a fresh start.  And who doesn't want to feel and look their best before swim and shorts season??  It's a great time to reevaluate what you're putting in your body and deciding if it's serving you and your goals.

Considering taking on a new diet?  Here are a few to think about:



Keto Diet

Pay attention to how you feel.  Are you low in energy?  How is your skin?  Do you have sleep issues?  Obviously, you want to check in with your doctor, but most ailments can be traced back to what you're putting in your body.  Garbage in--garbage out, right?  

Don't feel like doing a total overhaul?  Make these simple changes for a little boost to your health and energy:

7 Small Steps to Better Health 

Great tips!  7 small steps to better health is a great starting point for anyone looking to spring clean their diet and start fresh!  

1.  Cut the Processed Foods

If you have a hard time with this, I suggest you read the ingredients label.  The unrecognizable ingredients should shock you into accomplishing this task!  Remember the old adage: "garbage in, garbage out"!

2.  Only Eat Between 8am and 6pm 

In other words, fast between 6pm and 8am.  Fasting has many benefits and while there are extreme fasts, restricting your diet for 14 hours is a nice little mini-fast that can give your organs and digestion a breather.  

Digesting food takes a lot of our bodies energy.  Fasting allows our bodies to spend that energy elsewhere.   This primer on fasting is straight to the point and highlights the many benefits of fasting--even for short periods of time.  

3.  Cook Your Food: Meal Plan and/or Batch Cook on the Weekends 

Having a plan is one of the hardest things for me to implement.  I'm a very fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to food.  What if I plan for meatloaf and I feel like fish?  It's hard.  But if you meal plan for say, 3 nights a week, you'll at least know you're having a healthy meal on those nights and the other nights you can have more flexibility.

We've been doing more weekend batch cooking and I can say, without a doubt, having pre-cooked chicken thighs and pulled pork has been the number one reason I've had so much success on the keto diet.  

It feels daunting, I know.  But start slow.  Maybe buy a package of (insert meat of your choice here) from Costco and throw it in a crock pot or marinate it and grill it all at the same time.  I promise that will feel so awesome, you'll want to build on it. 

4.  Cut the Sugar  

Sugar is in everything.  And it's so bad for our bodies.  Aside from kicking up our pleasure sensors in our brain, it has no good qualities. 

I know I sound militant, but I believe sugar is one of the worst things we put in our bodies that is socially acceptable in our society.  Okay, maybe it's not worse than alcohol and hard drugs, but it's a close second. 

It mimics heroine in our brains and is as addictive.  Almost everyone's addicted to it.  I think sugar corporations will be vilified just like tobacco companies finally were in the next 20-30 years.  They know how bad it is for our bodies and yet when the low-fat movement took hold, they pounced on the food industry.  It's added to everything (because everyone has been removing the scary fat--which you may remember, is total BUNK.).  

Bonus nugget:  Cancer LOVES sugar.  Enough said.

Now a life without sugar completely sounds a little miserable and is not necessary.  Everything in moderation, right?  Need help cutting the sugar?  Here are a few programs to help get your sugar addiction under control:

The 21-Day Sugar Detox

10-Day Sugar Detox

The Sweet Freedom Summit

5.  Wake Up Earlier

To quote Oprah, "Put yourself on your to-do list."  This has always stuck with me.  Everything else manages to get done on any given day, right?  If we add ourselves to the list, it'll get done. 

Get up to savor a quiet cup of coffee, go for a walk, or read something inspirational.  Or, use that time to catch up on the house or prep dinner.  Any of these things will help you feel more in control and that you've done something for yourself. 

Great inspiration for getting up earlier:

The Miracle Morning

11 Morning Strategies When You Can't Wake Up Before the Kids

6.  Clean out the Fridge and Pantry

Toss the junk and start fresh.  There's no need to eat something that's bad for you because you don't want it to go to waste.  If it's been opened, toss it.  If not, box it up and take it to a local food bank. 

Decide on the approach you plan to take (Paleo, Keto, etc) and research pantry staples and snack ideas.  Get prepared.  That way in a moment of weekness, temptation isn't behind every cupboard door. 

7.  Drink More Water

I'm not saying we all need 8 8oz glasses of water.  Drink until you quench the thirst--or the hunger.  A lot of times being thirsty feels like hunger.  The next time you start to feel hungry, drink a glass of water and see how you feel.  You might be surprised!

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