Welcome to our life as we homeschool our kids with a twist!  

Week in the Life of an Unschooler | How We Unschool #5

Week in the Life of an Unschooler | How We Unschool #5

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Here is part 5 of our series, a Week in the Life of an Unschooler, a photo diary of highlights from our week while we unschool the kids!  See previous weeks here.   I was more camera-happy this week, so brace yourself ;) 

Ever wonder what a typical day in the life of an unschooler looks like?  We've got you covered with a Week in the Life!   So fun :)  Thanks for pinning!  | Getting Unschooled is a family lifestyle blog about unschooling, traveling with kids, over 40 style, and non-toxic products.

Week in the Life of an Unschooler: How we Homeschool

1.  Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Museum of Nature and Science never disappoints--see what else we do in a typical week in the life of an unschooler!  Getting Unschooled is a family lifestyle blog about unschooling, traveling, over 40 style, and non-toxic beauty! 

This museum never disappoints.  I highly recommend becoming a member so that when you have days when you only feel like staying an hour, you won't feel like you've wasted your money.   I only took my iPhone to take pictures because I wanted to be more present with the kids. 

They did two labs in the Health Discovery exhibit and then we saw the Creatures of Light exhibit before getting some ice cream and hitting the gift shop.  We typically go during the week, but I decided to brave the crowds for an early Saturday morning.  One of the 'lab techs' had told me that Saturday mornings are slow for the lab and that was the case for us!  Win :) 


We went on St. Patrick's Day, so Kate and I wanted to document our green...gotta love a super close-up selfie ;) 

2.  Library

Several trips to the library in this week's week in the life of an unschooler!
So.Many.Books.  They don't always jump for joy when I say we're going to the library, but then they never want to leave LOL  Want to see what a typical day in the life of an unschooler looks like?  Come read more :) 

We hit up the library three times this week.  There are three within a few miles of us and while it's not the most exciting place to go, the kids almost never want to leave.  So I'm making it part of our regular routine. 

We had three trips to the library this week--come see what else we've been doing in our Week in the Life of an Unschooler!

And when you can't drag the kids inside when you get home because they are sucked into a new book, you know you're unschooling the right way LOL

3.  Lego store and final build of Assembly Square

We are diligently working on finishing this 4,000+ piece Lego Creator Expert ASSEMBLY Square that we started last fall. The box says it's for 16+ kids and while I scoffed at that when we bought it, I think their recommendation is spot on. Unless your little person enjoys building straight lines and floors for hours on end.

We are working on integrity in our lives--and we committed to completing this Lego creator set, so we are bound and determined to finish it.  No matter how painful.  

The LEGO creator expert assembly square has been kicking our butts, but we are determined to finish it!!  I see now why it is recommended for kids over the age of 16 :)  Come see what else we're doing in this week's Week in the Life of an Unschooler.  
Kate is loving her Fuji Instax camera--I loved catching her taking this shot!  More of what our typical days look like as unschoolers on Getting Unschooled :) 

I hid it away for almost two months so that it wasn't hanging over all of our heads and now we have a slightly new motivation to complete it.  

Needless to say, we have missing pieces, so we went to our local Lego store to find some replacements.  They let us take 4 pieces for free!  Plus, the store clerk  told me there is a website to report missing pieces and they send them to you free of charge.  I love you, Lego!!

Week in the Life of an Unschooler:  How We Homeschool #5 :) 

I also let the kids pick out a new minifigure mystery bag since there is a new series!  We love minifigures, but these kids take an excruciating amount of time trying to figure out which one is in the bag.  THANKFULLY, they both chose correctly and there was a happy ending.  ;)

4.  Hair Cut

Our latest Week in the Life of an Unschooler is up on the blog!  Come see what Getting Unschooled has been up to :) 

Much needed....if you follow us on Instagram, you might have read the story about Townes 'insulting' the stylist's nails.  Unschooling the kids has given me the gift of guiding Townes through these 'yucky' situations. 

His therapist gave us some great advice: we shouldn't apologize for his behavior--HE should.  He has to work through these awkward situations when he has no filter, and learn from them.  It's a process.  A long, painful process. 

But knowing that he will be a better version of himself on the other end is what makes my embarrassment worthwhile.  And honestly?  I've learned to just let it roll.  If people can't understand him/us--especially when we are addressing his 'wrongs', F-em.  I don't really care what people think.  

5.  YouTube video unboxing: Geodes

The kids broke open their geodes and then devoured the Everything Rocks and Minerals book that we ordered from Amazon.  Come see what else we did in our latest Week in the Life of an Unschooler!  
SUCCESS!  These National Geographic break open geodes were harder to crack open than we expected!  More fun in our Week in the Life of an Unschooler on today's blog post :) 

I bought these National Geographic Break Open Geodes while researching gifts for a 12-year-old boy and holy crap--worth every penny! The kids taped an unboxing video and then went on to crack open the geodes and research more about them with this National Geographic Everything Rocks and Minerals book. It was a fun day! Now, we just need to get that video edited.

The kids broke open their geodes and then devoured this Everything Rocks and Minerals book that we ordered from Amazon.  Come see what else we did in our latest Week in the Life of an Unschooler!  

Probably the most important part of the geode-cracking is that we didn't have to make a trip to the emergency room.  Oh man...those hammers came awfully close to some noggins!

6.  Playdate

I'm so happy we have met some like-minded homeschoolers and the kids get along so well.  Being outside--using their bodies, and making connections makes my heart feel good :)   I have photos on my iPhone....but I don't have time to grab them.  Just use your imagination haha!

7.  Homeschool "room"

We don't officially have an unschooling room, but this computer area and our dining room house our games and activities.  Kind of like a playroom, of sorts. These Micke IKEA desks have been game changers!  

Joe is the woodworker in the family, but his list of creations is so long right now and I really needed a solution to our console-table-computer-desk-situation. 

He said, just go to IKEA.  Famous last words.  I got these two Micke desks for $130---a steal for how big they are and the fact that they have drawers! 

But you pay for the budget-friendly option in the building process.  It was pretty brutal, but looking at them now, I'm THRILLED with how quickly I was able to transform this space.  YAY!  

There is enough space in the middle for me to pull up a chair--like when I taught them how to use  It made everything easier.  

8.  Plank Challenge

Work those abs!  We're trying to incorporate more recess and exercise into our typical unschooling day!  See what else we've been up to over on the blog :) 

We're heading to Hawaii next month and I've often heard that doing the plank exercise is the fastest and most effective way to tighten up your core.  This is motivating on many levels:  bikini-wearing and also a healthier back.  The kids got in on the challenge and Kate took it to the next level with pushups and situps. 

We're trying to track our progress.  I want to beat my plank time every day to work up to a couple of minutes.  (My first timed plank was under 30 seconds!)  


Those were a few things we were up to last week!  And of course, we always have time for petting the two most needy dogs on the planet.  Just kidding...we love giving them pets.  But THEY ALWAYS WANT MORE ha!

The unofficial mascots of Getting Unschooled...they are always by our side on our typical day of an unschooler :) 

Have a great weekend :)

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