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Friday Lunch Break | Let's Get Distracted

Friday Lunch Break | Let's Get Distracted

Here are some articles and podcasts I've been loving this week!  

1.  Have you heard of all of these dangerous teen behaviors

2.  In her recent post, What to Do When Unschooling Kids Reach the Teenage Years, Sue considers the reasons there are so few bloggers sharing their unschooling adventures of their older children.  Do they stop unschooling?  Is it to protect the child's privacy?  Great read.

3.  This week's favorite podcast came from Chris Harder's "For the Love of Money" show.  I think a lot of us need to get over wanting and loving money.  Chris helps with mindset shifts and opens up the mind to greater possibilities.  This episode is with his wife, Lori Harder and I saved it to listen to later.  So much good inspiration here: "Our Plans for Success in 2018".

4.  Oh my gosh, did the kids and I get duped on Netflix this week.  We were completely enthralled about treasure hunters unearthing ancient artifacts in the Indian Ocean.  When I went to research more about the story, I found this article, "Damien Hirst Created a Fake Documentary About His Fake Venice Show" that tells how it was all about creating art through a documentary.  To the tune of 65 million dollars!!!!  It was a good lesson for the kids to not believe everything you see or read.

5.  I love peeking behind the curtain to see how people pack--just like I love a good 'what's in my bag' post!  Melissa has lived abroad for the past 3+ years and does a lot of travel with her husband and two young boys.  She has some great scoop in her "How We Pack" post this week.  I now have my eye on the large roller duffle bag from LLBean.  #enabler :) 

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