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Wednesday Words

Wednesday Words

I had breakfast at the Sheraton in Anaheim during the DiscoveryCon conference last weekend.  Sobet was my waiter and I have to tell you that my breakfast with Sobet was life-changing.  I know, that sounds dramatic. 

He had this energy and aura about him that moved me.  Like it moved me deep down in my soul.  He was high energy, happy, funny and treated me like I was a VIP.  It was a joy to be in his presence.  He is one of those people that has a twinkle in his eye and his attitude is contagious.  In fact, his fellow waiter (didn't catch his name) also had a similar vibe!  I practically floated out of the restaurant completely full of happiness :) 

The interaction stuck with me (clearly I'm still thinking about it four days later!) and I wondered how someone could be so happy to be serving breakfast to hundreds of families every week who were in town to go to Disneyland.  That job sounds like the worst

Waiting tables is hard enough, but then throw in stressed out parents and crazy kids?  NO THANKS.

I've been wondering how he manages to stay so positive and high energy and the only thing I can think is that he has chosen to be happy and fun and energetic.  He wakes up every day and chooses to be happy.  

We can  all be about as happy as we make our minds up to be!  | Abraham Lincoln quote | | #homeschool #unschool #inspirationalquotes #happinessquotes

I was telling my mom this story yesterday and I was saying how I needed to try to be more like Sobet.  I was so inspired by him.  And yet, yesterday I found myself being grumpy and cranky that the bathrooms at LAX are so far apart and that I had to pay $20 for a personal sized pizza for the kids from California Pizza Kitchen.  TWENTY DOLLARS.  I felt like we were being held hostage once we got through security at the airport. 

We were laughing at how quickly I went from "I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY" to "OMG get me out of this F-ing airport with the crowds and the bathroom lines and the super fancy (not) cheese pizza".

Why couldn't I be more like Sobet and just roll with it?  I would be setting a great example for my kids and I would just feel better in general.  After all, who doesn't want to feel good and happy at any given moment? 

So yesterday, I wrote in my new sketchbook "Be More Like Sobet".  And I'm going to try to channel him on days when I don't wake up naturally bouncing around and full of happy happy joy joy.  


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