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Wednesday Words | Happiness is a Factory Setting

Wednesday Words | Happiness is a Factory Setting

The secret to being happy, according to Jim Fortin, is "Be Happy.  That's it!  If you want to be happy, be happy.  Happiness is a factory setting.  We are born happy."  


GAH! I love this quote so much--we are BORN happy.  It's a factory setting!  The secret to being happy, is to BE HAPPY (according to Jim Fortin) :)  | Getting Unschooled is a family lifestyle blog about unschooling, over 40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty.  Thanks for pinning!!

I know, I know...I've been hearing people say that 'happiness is a choice we make every day when we wake up".  And while I've always known that's true on an intellectual level, it always felt really hard (especially since I wake up groggy and grumpy!). 

But for some reason, the way Jim said it, it finally hit home.  

Jim Fortin is kind of hard to explain.  He would die before calling himself a 'motivational speaker'.  He's a " high performance expert" and an expert in "brain based selling and performance", according to his website. 

I was introduced to him on James Wedmore's Mind Your Business Podcast (episode 114 should be required listening to every human on the planet.  I've listened to it three times in the last two weeks). 

He was a guest for a second time last week on episode 141 to delve deeper into how we can uplevel our entire lives.  He talks about self-integrity and how so many of us think we are living high integrity lives, but if we don't have a high level of self-integrity---keeping our word to ourselves, then we aren't living with integrity.  

That little nugget alone got me out of bed this morning to go on a walk.  I said I was going to do it, and I kept my word.  It felt so good!

In episode 141 he and James also talk about how being happy--and how feeling happy is the best way to stay in alignment with your goals and get more inspiration and ideas to come to us and help us move closer to your goals.  

Obviously, there are circumstances when your body isn't cooperating and something physical is stopping you from just bouncing around and being happy. 

I'm not talking about pulling yourself out of a deep depression by just 'deciding to be happy'.  I'm speaking to people who are content (medicated, or not), but not reaching their full happiness potential.  

It's worth a shot---what do you have to lose?  Reset that yourself to the factory settings you were born with!  

Have a happy Wednesday :) 

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