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Spring Fever | Fashion and Decor Roundup

Spring Fever | Fashion and Decor Roundup

This week has been pretty bone-chilling here in Denver and I have major spring fever!!   I'm dreaming about the blazing hot sun and wearing flowy dresses with sandals.  I've also recently (finally) woken up and realized that I'm not in my 20's anymore and that I'm, gasp, someone's mother, and I should dress more my age.  

I'm trying to elevate my day-to-day casual wardrobe.  I hope I can inspire some other over 40 women out there who are in need of some outfit ideas!  (I also threw in some spring house wares because I just couldn't resist...)

I'm a very casual dresser--I don't work in a professional environment.  Even as a photographer, I had creative freedom over what I wore.  If I had my choice, I'd wear jeans or a casual dress every day of the week.  And while there are some things worth splurging on (purses, shoes, jeans), I don't think summer dresses, scarves, or blouses are on that list.  

WIth that in mind, I've rounded up a few things that have recently caught my eye to get your creative juices flowing!

Casual Over-40 Fashion Ideas

So fun!  Casual over-40 outfit inspiration and a few springy house decor ideas from Getting Unschooled--a blog about unschooling, 0ver-40 style, and non-toxic beauty!  Thanks for pinning :) 


1.  Scarves

This deep purple flower print scarf would suit  every skin tone and it's the perfect pop of color for any over-40 wardrobe.  | Getting Unschooled is a blog about unschooling, over-40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty.  
image: Banana Republic

I love the way a scarf can brighten up and pull together even the most neutral ensemble.  This gorgeous deep purple flower print scarf from Banana Republic could work with any skin tone.  Plus, it kind of looks like the Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet.  (I'm just so hip and current LOL)  Keep an eye out--Banana Republic runs regular sales online.  In fact it's on sale for $35 right now! 

I would wear it with a white sleeveless t-shirt or tank top (since the scarf would help it feel less show-y) and wide legged jeans, or a fit and flare skirt.  Flip flops or white sneakers would be a great way to finish it all off.  

2.  Loose-Fitting Lightweight Dress

This stylish shirt dress from Old Navy Comes in 4 colors--perfect for my 0ver-40 casual wardrobe!  | GettingUnschooled
image: Old Navy

This this tie-waist shirt dress from Old Navy looks chic and comfortable at the same time.  Old Navy and Gap dresses usually run short for someone in their 40's (or anyone over the age of 22!), but they have "tall" sizes in most of their dresses. 

This would looks so cute with white sneakers or sandals!  I'm also a fan of dresses with 3/4 length or long sleeves.  If it's hot outside, you can bet it's freezing inside the way everyone runs the air conditioner!

3.  Crisp Cotton Blouse

You can never go wrong with a boat neck blouse!  This silhouette is a must for my casual over 40 wardrobe!  | Getting Unschooled is a blog about unschooling, over-40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty.  
image: H&M

The light and airy cut of this crisp cotton blouse from H&M is perfect for an outdoor event.  I think boatneck cuts are so feminine.  This would be adorable with white denim shorts and some espadrilles. 

I haven't been in an H&M in a long time, but I used to have a lot of good luck in that store.  I just find it all overwhelming in person, but online, it feels more doable!  

4.  Pastel Sneakers

GAH!  These pastel purple New Balance Sneakers are so cute--perfect with white jeans or a flower print dress.  My 40-year-old back screams for sneaker, so I love it when I find shoes that are comfy and chic.  Getting Unschooled is a blog about unschooling, over-40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty.  Thanks for pinning :) 
image: New Balance

I have these New Balance 247 sneakers in black and red and while I've been wearing New Balance for years, this is by far my favorite style.  They are so comfortable and the look feels dressier than my usual sneakers.  The toe box is mesh which helps elevate it a little bit. 

I really want to add these pastel purple sneakers to my line up for spring and summer.  They would look really cute with white jeans or a flower print dress on a casual date night.  

These perfect sneakers also come in charcoal grey, off-white, and marine green.  It's a tough call, but I think the pastel purple will feel like a bit of a fashion risk for me :) 

Add these cute wedge sandals to your over-40 wardrobe!  | Getting Unschooled is a blog about unschooling, over 40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty.  Come say hi! 

image: Target

And I love the look of these wedge sandals from Target.  My size has already sold out online.  Boo!  I might try them in black--they look very comfortable and are well reviewed.

5.  Hoop Earrings (With a Twist)

I love this unique take on the classic gold hoop earrings.  This over-40 mama would rock these for a date night or a casual day with the kids.  | Getting Unschooled is a blog about unschooling, over-40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty. | Denver, Colorado
image: Etsy

You can't go wrong with a simple gold hoop--especially in the summer.  This unique take on an old staple from Sarah Cornwell Jewelry via Etsy are gold filled and under $40!  They also come in sterling silver and rose gold. 

Leo horoscope necklace from Loft--the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe :)  |
image: Loft

I'm also drooling over this "Leo" horoscope necklace from Loft.  I love  how it sits right in the clavicle has a dainty crystal on the chain.  Plus it's under $30!

6.  Pastel Bag

Use your purse to switch things up and feel more springy in minutes--perfect addition to your casual over 40 wardrobe.  | Getting Unschooled is a blog about unschooling, over-40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty in Denver, Colorado. 
image: Nordstrom Rack

I'm not big on colorful purses.  My one standout is my emerald green Shutterbag camera bag/purse and it was a big risk for me LOL.  And not one I regret :)  But I know a lot of women switch out their purses on the daily.  So if that's you, maybe you'll be into this pale blue tote from French Connection via Nordstrom Rack--a perfect addition to a spring wardrobe. 

7.  Lightweight Jacket

i found it!  The PERFECT casual jacket for spring for my over-40 wardrobe!  Plus, it's from Target's Universal Thread line, so it's affordable.  | Getting Unschooled is a blog about unschooling, over-40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty.  Thanks for pinning!
image: Target

I used to think that wearing a cardigan over my casual t-shirts dressed up my outfit.  But that quickly turned into my "boring mom look".  Unless I added a bright necklace or scarf, I just started to feel frumpy.  Enter the lightweight jacket or blazer. 

I spotted this Universal Thread military jacket on accident and even though we're on a no-spend January and February (unless there is a clothes emergency) I made an exception.  I didn't want to take the chance that this would sell out.  Casual lightweight jackets that feel good and look cute aren't easy to come by.  At least not in my price range :)   

Spring Home Inspiration

8.  Bold Pattern Umbrella

image: Target

I will never get sick of stripes.  I'm sure there is some science behind why they seem to never go out of style!  This black and white striped umbrella from Target would look so crisp in a sea of lush green trees and shrubs.  

9.  Bright Pillows

Switch out your bedroom or living room pillows with these inexpensive pillow covers from H&M. 
image: H&M

Did you know that H&M has a home section?  It's mostly online, but some locations carry the products.  They have amazing selection at very budget-friendly price points.  These plush cotton velvet pillow covers come in 11 colors and are only $9.99.  They're the perfect way to springify your master bedroom or living room couch!  

And seriously, if you have younger kids, you have to check out their kids' home decor section.  

Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc usually have inexpensive outdoor pillows to brighten up any space :) | Getting Unschooled is a blog out of Denver, Colorado, and Kristiina writes about unschooling her kids, over-40 fashion, and non-toxic beauty.  Come say hello!
image: Target

Greenery is all the rage these days!  And Target is always on-trend.  I love an inexpensive indoor/outdoor pillow with a bold print to liven things up in the spring and summer!  

This cool octopus outdoor pillow is the perfect addition to your outdoor space this spring!  I'm talking about my spring fever on the blog today and how I'm getting inspired to update my casual over 40 wardrobe!  |
image: Target

I am a sucker for all things with animal prints.  I think they are a no-brainer way to add some fun to your spring decor (I did not, repeat DID NOT, use the word "whimsy" because I would gag if I used that word on my blog LOL).  Target for the win, again!

10.  Bright and Bold Doormat or Rug

Brighten up your entryway with this doormat from Target!  | Find more about unschooling, non-toxic beauty, and unschooling on the Getting Unschooled blog.
image: Target

This color block doormat is an easy way to brighten up your entry.  It's simple yet bold.  Also: I have had an outdoor rug from Target for four years and it's still going strong--and it was soft enough to use in our living room when I first bought it.  We now have it out on the deck and it has survived snow storms, rain, dogs, you name it.  I highly recommend their rugs! 

So that's my little round up of casual over 40 spring fashion ideas and a few housewares to brighten up your house.  Spring fever is real around here :) 


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