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The Best Makeup Travel Bag for Women

The Best Makeup Travel Bag for Women

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I've been on the hunt for a good toiletry bag for travel for YEARS. I recently found one on Amazon that has been life changing! Dramatic? Yes. But that's how much it's improved my traveling experience. The ROWNYEON Mini Makeup Train Case is one of the best makeup cases for travel that I've come across.

I purchased several things after writing this post on traveling with kids , but this takes the top prize as my favorite new travel tool.   It truly is the best makeup travel bag for so many reasons!  

And I think every woman who has more than a handful of toiletries should own this travel case.  

I found the BEST makeup travel bag.  I scoured Amazon in a desperate search for some way to make traveling easier with my makeup and skincare products and they have quite a big selection of travel makeup bags.  This one--with all of its customization really stood out.  I ordered it and low and behold, it is the best traveling makeup bag I've ever used!  And so affordable!  Read my full review on the blog!  Thanks for reading and pinning :)

First let me remind you that packing toiletries is my least favorite thing about packing.  I loathe decanting and wish that every product I love would come in a travel size. 

That aside, I have always felt so scattered and unorganized once I reach my travel destination.  It's not the packing itself, but the user experience during the trip that frustrated me! 

Always searching for the next item in my routine because everything was scattered between toiletry bags was annoying.   

I've tried every type of traveling makeup bag:  

  • hanging organizer with the clear sections
  • traditional train case
  • my husband's fancy Tumi hanging toiletry bag
  • zippered bags to organize my toiletries by category   

You name it, I've tried it.  And I found something to irritate me with each of them.  For example, digging through a flimsy bag to find my eyeliner gets old after about the 2nd time.  Can you relate?

Nothing stuck. 

Until now.  I told you it was dramatic ;)  But seriously, I no longer dread packing up my makeup and skincare for when we travel!

ROWNYEON Mini Makeup Train Case AKA: the Best Makeup Travel Bag on Amazon

1.  It's lightweight yet sturdy

This little travel makeup  case is light, but mighty.  It could easily be taken as a carryon by itself, but I usually pack it in my checked luggage.  No more worries about broken containers because everything is so well protected in this beautiful, black bag.

2.  It has changeable "walls" so you can make each "cubby" the exact size you need it to be

I love the customizable cubby sections of the ROWNYEON mini travel makeup bag!  It's so functional and affordable!  
The ROWNYEON mini travel makeup bag has these cool foam inserts to make the train case customizable!  It's the best for travelling :) 

This is the main reason I think this is the best makeup bag for travel--you can customize it to suit your needs.  And everything will have a place, so your makeup isn't being tossed around in a big black abyss.  That's a sure fire way to crack an eyeshadow pallet, or bronzer.  

The walls of the makeup case are simple and easy to change.   You can even remove all of the inserts for one large space.  I'm not sure why you would want to do that, but you could if you wanted!  I love the way you can keep everything organized, tidy, and safe.  

3.  The brush holder is functional and sanitary

The brush holder on the mini size of the ROWNYEON travel makeup train case keeps brushes sanitary and organized!  This really is the BEST makeup travel bag :) 

I love the brush holder area of the case for two reasons.  

  • It coralls my makeup brushes away from the other products--it keeps things more sanitary.
  • The brushes stay upright when you are doing your makeup if you have the case on the vanity and close to the mirror. 

I usually use a hotel water glass to hold my makeup brushes because I hated having them smushed into one of my makeup travel bags each day after I used them.  This feature eliminates that need.  

Plus, the flap over the top keeps them secure and again, sanitary.  I only wish the brush holder was a little deeper--my Bobbi Brown blush brush barely fits.  

4.  The carry handle on the side

The perfect black makeup case for traveling is this gorgeous ROWNYEON mini train case that I found on Amazon for about $30!  What a steal :) 

The carry handle on the side is a nice touch.  It's not necessary, but it would be a little bulky without it.  The handle makes it a breeze to transfer from your luggage to your hotel vanity and then to whereever you want to stow it away while not in use.  

5.  It's chic

The ROWNYEON mini travel makeup train case also comes in black, bright blue, and bright pink--so fun!

Black with gold accents. Need I say more?

Want something a little more flashy? In the size that I purchased, it also comes in bright blue and bright pink . So fun!

6.  The secret zippered compartment

The zippered compartment behind the makeup brushes is perfect for little items that you only need every once in a while.  This traveling makeup case is the perfect design for women!

This little secret section is ideal for things that you may want to keep private--like medication, or maybe something like a spot treatment.  Why on earth would I find the need to hide that?  I don't know. 

But I do like keeping the smaller items corralled and stowed in the zippered compartment.  

7.  It's deep, but not too deep

This picture just makes me so happy--all of my skincare and makeup products are organized and safe for traveling.  It's the perfect toiletry bag!

I don't want an abyss to lose all of my products and be constantly searching around for every last thing while traveling.  This makeup case is the perfect depth and is deep enough to really hold a lot of products--even full-sized products.  I have a really simplified skincare and makeup routine these days, but the products still add up!

And I don't like to change things up while I'm traveling!  #stuckinmyways

If you use skincare or beauty products and you travel, you need this amazing makeup travel bag!  It will remove any stress around keeping your toiletries organized, safe, and neat.  

8.  Inexpensive

I have been looking for a good and functional makeup and toiletry bag for years.  And to find this on Amazon for under $30 is UNBELIEVABLE. 

Get your makeup travel bag here No more wasting money on fancy brand name travel toiletry bags. This is my new ride or die.

They also offer a two larger sizes for all of you makeup junkies out there! They bill the larger Rownyeon Travel Makeup Case as a "Professional Makeup Case for Makeup Artists".

And the large size is $39! Total steal :) The medium size travel case is $37.99. (note: the price fluctuates by a few dollars every once in a while)

The small, or "mini", size was more than enough for my needs, though!


I don't even utilize all of the space this makeup bag has to offer.  Just look at all of these products (I don't typically carry all of this when I travel, but I wanted to make a point).  

Look at all of the products that fit inside the ROWNYEON mini makeup travel train case!  It looks small, but holds a ton of stuff :)  It is seriously, the best makeup travel bag I've ever used--plus, it's super cheap!
I have been looking for the perfect makeup case for travel and this one does the trick!  Just look at all of those products!

10.  You don't need to unpack your products when you arrive at your destination

You can sit this makeup bag on the counter and use it, as is, throughout your trip.  Or zip it up and stow it under the vanity, so it's out of the way when it's not in use. 

Like I said earlier, everything has a place and it's like having the organizer from  your vanity along for the ride.  Less work=happy mama! 

In fact, I JUST unpacked this case two days ago from a trip we took five weeks ago.  Lazy?  Yes.  But the point is, it was just as easy and organized to work straight from this train case.

You have to try it for yourself! You can get your own ROWNYEON Travel Makeup Case . I promise you will love it. You can thank me later haha!

Searching for the BEST makeup travel bag?  I've got you covered!  I found this awesome ROWNYEON mini travel makeup train case on Amazon and I've put it to the test.  It passed with flying colors!  I won't travel again without this makeup travel bag--it's seriously the best one i've ever used :)  | Getting Unschooled is a family lifestyle blog about unschooling, traveling with kids, over 40 fashion, and more! 

Let me know if you have any questions!

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