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Friday Lunch Break | Let's Get Distracted

Friday Lunch Break | Let's Get Distracted

I know there were some horrific things going on this week.  But guys, I don't watch or read the news anymore.  And it has been life changing and crucial to improving my mental health.  And I want this blog to be a positive distraction for you, so without further delay, some things that had me distracted this week:

1.  A REAL time traveler from the year 2030?  He passed a "lie detector test" thinks these jokers have been watching Travelers LOL.

2.  The new Peter Rabbit movie has parents of kids with food allergies miffed.  Townes has an anaphylactic nut allergy and he would be traumatized by the scene they are upset about.  But maybe other kids would see that there was a peaceful resolution?

3.  Stop what you're doing and go download James Wedmore's episode 114 of the Mind Your Business Podcast.  I listened to it twice yesterday.  Ever wonder why you can't change a habit or stick with a new one?  Jim Fortin explains it in the most succinct way I've ever heard before. 

This show is geared toward entrepreneurs, but the knowledge shared applies to all humans.  It all makes total sense.  I've got some work to do :)  And some more downloading of this amazing podcast.  

4.  WIth Townes' twelfth birthday coming next month, the question of when is the right time to get kids their own cell phone has come up.  For us, not now.  He's barely responsible enough to handle his Gizmo watch phone.  This article on how to know when your child is ready for a cell phone had some helpful questions to ask yourself before making a decision.  

5.  Ummm, why am I only now first hearing about IKEA Hackers.  If you're looking for some design inspiration, on the cheap.  This is your place. 


6.  This is an incredible Unschooling 101 post, The Beginners Guide to Unschooling, is chock full of great information, examples, and reading material.  Highly recommend :) 

7.  Have you ever checked out the online boutique, Vici?  I've purchased three pair of jeans and some really cute tops from them and I'm really happy with them.  

image:  VICI

image: VICI

In fact, when we were in California recently, we drove to Newport Beach and I made a pit stop in their boutique.  It's smaller than I expected--the online boutique has SO MUCH more selection.  But it was really fun to see it.  

The think I love the most about their clothes--they are comfortable, sporty, and feminine at the same time.  AND it's affordable!  Two thumbs up :) 

7.  On the other end of the budget spectrum is a new site for over-40 women.  Halsbrook is aimed at us older ladies who are stuck between too trendy and too matronly when it comes to style.  It's actually a great idea, but I'm not spending $500 on a dress.  I guess I'm not their target market LOL  I will, however get some inspiration from them on their site and maybe do some 'looks for less' along the way.

For more on the background of the company and why it was started by a 28-year-old grad student, read A Generation Gap?  Not on this Website.


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