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What We're Watching Wednesday! | Unschooling Colorado

What We're Watching Wednesday! | Unschooling Colorado

As of this posting, we're about halfway through the first week of the 2018 Winter Olympics, so at night, we've been catching up on all of the prime time coverage. 

image:  Denver Post

GO RED GERARD!!  Representing Colorado with the USA's first gold medal of the games :) 

When we're not watching the olympics, here's a run down of what's been in our Netflix queue and others stuff.  

Question: Do you guys put limits on screen time?  Our general rule is no screens before 1pm and then after that we're pretty flexible.  We limit youtube time to 2 hours/day.  

Our Unschooling Watchlist 

1.  Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

image:  amazon

image: amazon

The kids have been loving this series!  Did you watch it in school growing up?  I know there is a computer game, too.  I think we only watched the show.  But my memory fails me all the time. 

The theme song is super annoying and I can go days with it stuck in my head, but the geography and problem solving stuff they are being exposed to has really stuck with them!  I even ordered the Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego board game.  

2.  Pokemon Black and White

This is an older version of Pokemon, but the kids have recently gotten back into it.  They also have enjoyed Beyblades, How to Train Your Dragon Race to the Edge. 

3.  Liberty's Kids

image:  Amazon

image: Amazon

We are only a few episodes into this series that originally aired on PBS, and the kids are loving it.  Liberty's Kids follows three children during the American Revolution. 

I had no idea the voice talents include Walter Cronkite as the voice of Benjamin Franklin and countless other guest appearances by Annette Bening, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, Ben Stiller and Liam Neeson.  

4.  Food vs. Science

image:  BBC

image: BBC

Food shows are generally a hit with the kids, but if they're mixed with Science?  Even Better.  Food vs. Science (Netflix) held the kids' attention and introduced us and the Michelin chef to some cool techniques.  It was a little slow for me, but like I said, the science part was pretty cool for the kids.  

5.  Planet Earth

image:  IMDB

image: IMDB

I'm sure you're familiar with Planet Earth and I'm so glad that Netflix has the rights to air it.  It's one of those super relaxing and visually stunning shows that the kids just soak up.  And our son is a visual learner.  He repeats back all of the information he's getting while watching this series.  And it's screen time that I have no guilt around :) 

6.  YouTube

Are your kids as obsessed with watching other people play MineCraft on youtube?  It's INSANE.  Townes would literally watch for days straight without taking a break to eat or sleep. His favorite is Moosecraft.  Kate is also pretty invested in her favorite Minecraft and toy youtube stars.  But she has a bit more self-regulation than he does.  We still restrict both of them.  Kate's favorite is Epic Toy Channel. 

And as for us adults? 

1.  Travelers

image:  google

image: google

We wrapped up Travelers (Netflix) and absolutely loved it!  Eric McCormack is so fantastic in this dramatic role.  The storyline is really interesting and while it's sometimes hard to wrap my head around it all, it's a fascinating setting.

2.  Homeland Season 7

image: Showtime

image: Showtime

We also started on Homeland Season 7 and the premiere gives me hope that this season will top Season 6.  We loved Quinn, but seriously, that entire storyline was stale.  It's like, let the guy die already.  The first episode was a great set up for the season--lots of suspense and I really like the direction they are taking.  

Sidenote:  you gotta love cherry picking your cable and satellite.  Since we cut the cord, we decided to do Showtime Anytime through our Amazon Prime account.  Now we'll be able to catch Billions when that premieres next month!

3.  Dirty Money

image:  wikipedia

image: wikipedia

This show is a well-produced fair portrayal of dirty business practices from some well-known companies.  If you want to be disgusted and also informed, this is the show for you.  I'm completely disgusted with Volkswagen for blatantly lying about their eco-friendly cars, and yet many of the other big car makers did equally as deceptive practices.  The HSBC bank episode was absolutely insane.  I really don't know how these people sleep at night.  

But the show is really well produced and I'm told by people who have strong opinions about slanted media that it isn't slanted one way or the other, they just present the facts.      

4.  The Office

image:  google

image: google

I'd be lying if I didn't mention we restarted The Office on Netflix again.  That show is just so damn funny.  Our daughter asked which series we like better: Seinfeld or The Office.  It was a funny discussion and a hard choice, but in the end, The Office has more layers and characters and storylines that really keep you coming back for more.  Plus, our son reminds me of Dwight and a little of Michael (even though he's only 11).  

What have you been watching lately?  Any good homeschool viewing we can get in on?  What have you been binge-watching on Netflix?  



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