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Summer Recap!  | How We Unschool

Summer Recap! | How We Unschool

Holy Moly, it's been a looong time since I've posted on the blog!  It's a slippery slope, I tell you ;)  One week can turn into 10 weeks like that LOL

Most of August was spent back in Virginia and North Carolina visiting family and the beach, but there are a few shots from before we left in here, also.  

First up: Manga drawing, unclogging vacuums, magic shows, and chilling with dad on the deck…

Next, we chilled out at grandma’s and grandpa’s house in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Lots of sleeping in, bread baking, lego, frog searching, and deep conversations made for a great trip!

Next up was a glorious week at the beach in Avon, NC. We’re so lucky we were able to enjoy this time before hurricane Flo came and wreaked havoc.

Oh, and we got to visit some homeschooling friends that we met on the internet in Raleigh on our “drive down” to the outer banks. (Just slightly out of the way LOL) The internet makes life strange, but full :)

Lastly: we spent more time with grandma and grandpa: planting a Colorado Blue Spruce, baking with grandma, and giving Maddie more belly rubs :)

Now we’re settling into our “school year” with a few choice classes, read aloud history books, board games, and walks. Life is good!

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