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Friday Lunch Break : Non-Toxic Skincare | Primally Pure Review

Friday Lunch Break : Non-Toxic Skincare | Primally Pure Review

This is totally off of the unschooling topic, but I'm always trying to improve my life and when I come across something that's working for me, I have to share.  So I'm starting a "Friday Lunch Break" series for these types of odds and ends.  

I've been working on a post about my journey with trying to "cure" my vertigo--stay tuned.  Spoiler: there is no cure.  But you can manage vertigo episodes once you figure out what your triggers are and learn how to avoid them. 

Along this journey, I realized I need to make my life and my environment as toxic-free as possible.  From cleaning products, to my beauty and skincare products--I got serious.  I started with the products that I'm using on my skin.  

After a lot of research and trial and error, I've discovered some new brands that are "clean" that actually work.  Instead of doing a monster blog post on each company and the products I'm loving, I'm going to highlight each company in a separate blog post.  I'll be doing posts on Gressa, Burt's Bees, W3ll People, Tarte, to name a few.  Today, I'll be spotlighting Primally Pure.

On today's Friday Lunch Break, I'm reviewing all of my favorite Primally Pure products. | | #greenbeauty

I have been hearing about Primally Pure's natural deodorant for years.  A lot of popular Paleo bloggers and leaders in the Paleo community have been touting it for its pure ingredients and how well it works.  They have recently been adding skincare products that are just as pure and are truly effective.  

My favorite Primally Pure Products

On today's Friday Lunch Break, I'm reviewing my favorite Primally Pure skincare products! | | #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #primallypure

1.  Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream

This 5-ingredient face cream (yes, just FIVE ingredients) is one of the most moisturizing moisturizers I've ever used.  It's thick and a little goes a long way.  The secret ingredient is beef tallow from grass-fed cows.   Crazy, right?

The mix of fats and essential oils creates the perfect balance for your skin.  The first jar I used, took a little getting used to.  It had a slight "beef" smell to it.  It didn't bother me and Joe didn't seem to notice, so I kept up with it.  Plus, it has a dense consistency that I learned to love--it means a little truly goes a long way. 

I believe they updated the formula because when I purchased a second jar the name was changed to "mint and palmarosa oil beauty cream".   The mint and palmarosa oil gives it a mild, but fresh scent that overpowers the beef smell.  It's nice!  

A review of Primally Pure's Fancy Face Serum is on today's Friday Lunch Break :) | | #faceserum #primallypure #greenbeauty

2.  Fancy Face Serum

This serum packs a serious punch.  I usually use 3 drops (sometimes a 4th drops out!) and apply it to my face before the Beauty Cream.  The ingredients are too many to list here, so I'll just copy their description:

Fancy Face Serum contains a vitamin and antioxidant rich blend of the most potent + healing oils our planet has to offer. Great for all skin types, Fancy Face Serum helps to diminish fine lines, scarring, age spots, discolorations and more.

I'm cleaning up my beauty routine and Primally Pure's skincare fits the bill--green beauty products at their best.  I'm reviewing my favorites on the blog today! | | #primallypure #greenbeauty

They go on to mention its 'earthy' scent.  It's definitely earthy.  It's not my favorite, but I've gotten used to it and truly know that it's feeding my skin and making gradual and great changes to it.  In fact, the earthy scent makes me believe it's even more natural and potent.

3.  Unscented Natural Deodorant

I LOVE this unscented natural deodorant from Primally Pure.  I'm reviewing it and my other favorite products from their skincare line on the blog | | #greenbeauty #naturalbeauty

Have you ever tried a natural deodorant?  I have been a loyal Dove Sensitive Skin user for years.  I have very sensitive underarms and I also can't handle the scent of mainstream deodorants.  Why can't we just smell like we smell?  (Within reason :)  

Read more about why natural deodorants are best (Hint: we need to sweat.  It's our body's natural way of ridding us of harmful toxins.) on Primally Pure's post, Natural Deodorant 101.  

I was hesitant about trying this popular natural deodorant because many people go through a "detox" phase of excess sweating and that doesn't sound pleasant. 

I've been using it for a couple of months.  I never went through detox, but I do notice that I sweat a little more than when I used the Dove.  But it doesn't bother me.  It definitely protects against being stinky, and that is important to me!  

Primally Pure recently launched a new charcoal formula today is my second day of using it.  It has a strong scent, but it's kind of refreshing, like 'menthol'.  It has eucalyptus and peppermint oil, so that explains it.  I would prefer it to be unscented, but I'm going to give it a go!  I'll report back :) 

4.  Lip Balm

Primally Pure skincare product reviews are on the blog today! | | #naturalbeauty #greenskincare

(image: Primally Pure)

I like these lip balms.  I wouldn't say I love them, but they definitely do the trick.  I got three scents (flavors?) in The Starter Kit and I chose peppermint, grapefruit, and creamsicle. 

Sadly, I can't seem to find anything natural that compares to my beloved Blistex Medex.  It is SO DRY here in Denver and my lips can't survive without my medex!  I realize that what I put on my lips I eat, so this is definitely an area to improve on. 

Maybe in the spring I'll be able to transition--once the gas heat stops blowing in my face all night. That aside, the scents are nice and subtle and nothing obnoxious that triggers my sinuses.  

5.  Texturizing Dry Shampoo

Primally Pure dry shampoo review. | | #greenbeauty

I have very fine, thin, and greasy hair.  I can't go more than a day without a wash.  It's gotten even worse since I started using Nioxin about 9 weeks ago.  I know, I know.  Nioxin is definitely not toxic-free.  And now that I know that, I've placed my first Monat order to see if it has the life-changing effect on me that it apparently is having on lots of other women.  And it's all-natural.  So stay tuned on that adventure.  

Anyways, back to the dry shampoo.  I've tried a lot of dry shampoos and my favorite is the J Beverly Hills Root Volumizing Powder.  It works really well and lasts forever.  My only complaint is that it contains silica which is said to build up and cause health problems in the lungs.  I can see how it's easy to ingest--when you sprinkle it on your hair, there is a lot of "fallout".   It also builds up on my scalp and makes the following day hair funky.  But desperate times have called for desperate measures LOL.

I love this primally pure dry shampoo--knowing it's made from pure and natural ingredients really makes me feel good.  It works great.  It just needs to be reapplied 2-3 times throughout the day if I try to skip a shampoo. 

Primally Pure's texturizing dry shampoo for light locks is my new go-to.  More on the blog!  | | #greenbeauty

My favorite way to use it is on day 1 of my shampoo-ing.  It keeps the front part of my hair from getting dirty/greasy.   They make two versions of the texturizing dry shampoo--one for "light locks" and one for "dark locks".  

I am so happy to be putting less toxins on my skin.  It's amazing how many products we use and when you're multiplying that by even just a few toxic ingredients per product, it adds up!

There are a couple of products I've tried, but didn't love.  

My gateway into the brand was their "The Starter Kit" that included three lip balms (you choose the scent), the Everything Spray, the Almond Body Butter, and a trial size of the unscented natural deodorant.  It's an affordable option that allows you to get to know the brand:

Want to know more about Primally Pure skincare?  I'm reviewing all of my favorites (and a few I didn't reorder) on the blog today! | | #greenbeauty

(image: Primally Pure)

Primally Pure Products I've Tried, But Haven't Reordered

1.  Blue Tansy Beauty Cream

The Primally Pure Blue Tansy Beauty Cream didn't work for me, but I was able to exchange it for a store credit!  My full review of all of the Primally Pure products I've tried is on the blog. | | #greenbeauty #nontoxic

(image: Primally Pure)

The Blue Tansy Beauty Cream is a gorgeous blue and it felt luxurious on my skin, but the blue tansy scent was too much for my sinuses.  I'd never smelled it before and I've heard it triggers a strong love or hate reaction depending on who is using it.  To me, it smelled like burned raisins--something I could get used to, but I just couldn't go on mouth-breathing to avoid inflaming my sinuses.  My lips are dry enough as it is!

The Primally Pure customer service is top-notch.  I contacted them about doing an exchange for the Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream since I have been loving that and they issued me a gift card immediately.  They even had me keep the Blue Tansy Beauty Cream and suggested I pass it on to someone who might like it! 

I was very impressed with how quickly they responded and resolved the issue.  I almost didn't contact them because I know they are a small company, but I really wanted to be satisfied.  Kudos to them!

I'm sharing my favorite Primally Pure products and my not-so-favorite products on the blog today. | | #greenbeauty

2.  The Everything Spray

The Everything Spray is fine.  I've never been a toner girl, so maybe I just don't appreciate the benefits of a good toner.  I've heard people rave about it.  It's refreshing, but I'm not sure what it does for my skin.

I forget to use this spray, if that tells you anything!  But after re-reading the description, maybe I need to give it another shot.  It's supposed to have anti-inflammatory benefits and  help sooth irritated skin.

3.  Almond Vanilla Body Butter

I reviewed a lot of Primally Pure's skincare on the blog today!  Spoiler: a few I won't be reordering, but many of them I've already reordered :) | | #greenbeauty #nontoxic

(image: Primally Pure)

I love how clean the Almond Vanilla Body Butter is and it has a nice, subtle scent.  But it's very thick.  It's not something I could see spreading on my arms and legs.  I keep it on my bedside table and use it before I go to bed.  But I won't be reordering it.  

It sounds like a lot of products now that I've listed them all out.  But it feels so liberating to be using skincare that contains products that I can pronounce and mostly eat!

On my quest to cure my vertigo, I have been transitioning my beauty and skincare products to toxic-free ingredients.  I'm reviewing the brands that I've been using and first up is Primally Pure.  I go over my favorite products (and a few that I won't be reordering!). | | #greenbeauty #nontoxic

If you are trying to clean up your skincare routine, I highly recommend Primally Pure.  And if you want to learn more about why you should clean up your skincare routine, I recommend visiting Laura's Natural Life.  She provides tons of free information and explanations about various ingredients and she gives great product recommendations.  

Thanks for joining me for my first Friday Lunch Break series!  Let me know if you have specific questions about any of the products.


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