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Roadschooling | Los Angeles, California

Roadschooling | Los Angeles, California

We tagged along with Joe on a work trip to Los Angeles, California, last weekend.  It was our first 'roadschooling' trip since starting this unschooling journey.  The kids got involved in the planning--they checked the weather and researched the activities that we would all enjoy.  The more trips we take, the more responsibility they will have in planning the trips.  

Some of our plans panned out...some didn't.  But that's the beauty of roadschooling: we go with the flow and adjust as needed. 

It was also a great opportunity to try out some of my new purchases to make traveling with kids easier!

This is homeschool and this is roadschool.  Freedom to travel with the kids has been the biggest gift from pulling them out of public schools.  | Getting Unschooled | #unschooling

The beach was obviously a highlight.  Especially when the beach is right by the Santa Monica Pier.  It didn't take long for these pip-squeaks to get soaked--the lure of the (cold) water was just too strong!

The Santa Monica Pier was a favorite spot during our first roadschooling adventure with the kids!  | | #homeschool #travelingwithkids #unschooling
Dusk at the Santa Monica Pier was a highlight of our first unschooling trip together! | | #roadschoolers #homeschooltravel 
We could have come to the Santa Monica Pier every day of our trip--it was a hit for both the kids and us adults :) | | #roadschooling #californiaroadtrip #homeschooltravel
Feeling the sand between her toes at the Santa Monica Pier beach in California during our first roadschooling adventure! | | #roadschoolers #homeschooltravel #unschool

I was the only one who didn't need a good rinsing as we walked off the beach.  It was amazing to be back at the water's edge hearing those waves crashing and taking in the distinct smell of the ocean.  Being landlocked in Denver is kind of a bummer--mama needs her some beach time! 

Thank goodness for these little washing stations as you walk off the beach!  We miss the beach and Santa Monica, California, really delivered what we needed on our trip :) | | #homeschooltravel #roadschool #unschooling

We stayed in Century City near Joe's LA office (right across from a Ralph's grocery store! That was a big help since we could buy reasonably priced snacks and breakfast stuff for the kids :). 

We were within walking distance to a new and fancy (my description) mall called Westfield.  It was filled with high-end shops and the food court was like nothing we've seen in a typical mall--lots of outdoor space, unique restaurants and dessert shops, and live music.    

And it was Southern California, so lots of pretty people out and about.  I was reflexively sucking in my stomach while we were there LOL  Even the chihuahua's were stylin' and profilin'!

This white chihuahua is living her best life while waiting on her owner at the very fancy Westfield's food court in Century City, Califorina.  | | #roadschooling #homeschooltravel 

And then I ate a burger at Shake Shack.  It was the only place I could get Townes to agree to eat.  Sigh.  It was really good, so win-win in the end.

When traveling, sometimes a milkshake counts for a meal.  #improvise | | #homeschooltravel #autism #roadschool 

Sometimes when we are on the road, getting him a milkshake is better than nothing since it has fat and protein in it!  We almost couldn't get him to eat this chocolate milkshake because of fear of peanut butter cross contamination.  Poor kid!  His eating 'issues' have proven to be a thorn in our traveling adventures.  Something to work on, for sure.  

Westfield mall in Century City, California, has the best food court!  | | #roadschool #homeschooltravel

I will do another blog post about his struggles--and how we attempt to combat them while traveling so that the entire trip is ruined.  That sounds harsh--so that his trip isn't ruined.  

Back to our favorite part of the trip: the Santa Monica Pier and beach.   Since the kids were pretty wet, we decided to just hang out there and grab some boardwalk eats.

Tired kids, but not too tired to wait in line for dippin' dots at the Santa Monica Pier on our first roadschool trip together.  | | #roadschooling #homeschooltravel #unschooling
The Santa Monica Pier in California wore us out! | | #roadschool #homeschooltravel #unschooling

We also walked from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach and the boardwalk the next day. | #roadschool #homeschooltravel #california
Walking on the beach between Santa Monica and Venice beach in California on our first roadschooling trip. | | #roadschool #homeschooltravel 

It wasn't what I expected!  Lots of little shops, street performers, and "characters" LOL  Townes was in his element and we had to drag him from this Egyptian gift shop and a gem shop that claimed to have 'alien rock' that you could use to contact alien life forms :) 

Townes is always on the hunt for good luck charms, jewels, and anything in Eastern cultures.  | | Venice Beach, CA | #roadschool #homeschooltravel

The highs and lows of the California roadschooling trip (according to Townes and Kate):


  • beach time (collecting shells and playing in the waves)
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Carnival Games
  • The Skirt Man (pier performer/rapper/singer/dancer)
  • The hotel room (we stayed at a Courtyard by Marriott and we got a roll-away bed, so they had their own separate room AND separate beds.
  • Shopping and people watching in Venice Beach
  • The kids handling a poopoo day at Disney with maturity


  • Weather--one nice day and then rainy and cold (for California!)
  • Disney.  We don't get the hype.  We should've done the Santa Monica Pier and beach 
  • Getting an Uber in the middle of a busy 'highway' and getting chewed out by the driver.  Totally our bad.
  • Struggling to find a restaurant/food option that everyone can agree on.

And my personal highs were the way the kids helped to research and plan the trip (#lifeskills) and getting some beach time.  Seeing how much the kids loved the beach also filled me up. 

Plus, doing this trip on the cheap because we tagged along with Joe on a work trip was the cherry on top.

My little crew!  This was our first roadschooling adventure and I was sure to document it along the way :) | | #roadschool #homeschooltravel #unschooling

I will be posting more travel updates as we unschool and roadschool throughout the year, so stay tuned :) 


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