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August in Greenwood Village for this newborn and family photographer has been pretty low-key.  I know I sound like a cliche, but I cannot believe school has already started.  Kate's been in school for TWO WEEKS, already.  Insane.  Below is a little photo round-up of some happenings lately...puppies dancing, first day of school, Denver Lego Brick Fest Live, etc.  Enjoy!

First up: My birthday!  And of course, I requested lunch out with the family at 5280 Burger Bar.  Even though they stopped serving my favorite: the Vail Valley Burger, I'm managing fine with some of their other burgers...always on their gluten-free flatbread.  It is so stinking good.  It's nice and thin--way better than a regular bun!

We ate at 5280 Burger Bar in Denver, my absolute favorite spot for a birthday lunch with the family!  LOVE their gluten-free flatbread.  It's way better than their bun! 

We sat outside on the patio and colored while we waited. 

A boy patiently waits for his lunch at 5280 Burger Bar in Denver.

And I added to my headless photo collection by creeping on Joe on his phone :)

A man checks his email on his smartphone in Denver, CO, and I add to my collection of headless photos :) | Kristiina Craven Photography

On the way back to the car, we spotted one of these new and fancy "port-a-potty's" to help with some of the "issues" that have resulted in the rising homeless community near 16th Street Mall (and I'm assuming other areas around Denver). 

One of the newest additions to Denver's downtown area are new and improved port-a-potty's to help with some of the issues with the homeless.

Brick Fest Live LEGOยฎ Fan Experience came to Denver the weekend of my birthday, so we all checked it out.  The best part was finding rare mini-figures (Townes bought a werewolf minifigure!) and also getting to create their own.  We used Groupons and that helped make it worth the trip.

Brick Fest Live Lego Fan Experience made a stop in Denver during my birthday weekend, so we checked it out. 

The kids have dubbed me "the creeper" now since I almost always try to sneak pictures of them (and I constantly say, "just ignore me!" when they stop and look at me LOL).  I love these pics of Kate and Rex trying to rally Townes out of bed.

A small black chihuahua terrier licks a young girl's face while her brother looks on in Denver, CO.
A black chihuahua terrier rescue dog dances with kids on a bed in greenwood village, co.

And every time Joe and I decide it's time to let this tether ball move on to greener pastures, the kids suddenly rediscover it.  I don't mind :)

A girl plays tetherball in greenwood village, co.
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