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My Favorite Denver Instagram Accounts

My Favorite Denver Instagram Accounts

Even before I became a professional family photographer, I was a huge fan of Instagram.  I guess I've always loved how photos tell a story and Instagram gives us the ability to tell that story in tiny little squares, at your fingertips, night and day.  Today I did a roundup of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow in and around Denver, Colorado. 

Want to know the best people in Denver to follow on Instagram?  I've got you covered--from local magazines, photographers, and food and fitness bloggers.  Come check it out on the blog!  | Kristiina Craven Photography | Denver Newborn and Family Photographer.

Best Denver Instagram Accounts to Follow

City of Denver

@cityofdenver is a fantastic Instagram account to follow--they turn the city of Denver into art!

The City of Denver (@cityofdenver) account showcases gorgeous images from Denver and surrounding areas by local photographers---amateur and professional.  It's a beautiful feed that helps show how Denver shines!

1000 Things to do in Denver

1000 Things to do in Denver posts about local events, restaurants, and views in her Instagram feed.

1000 Things to do in Denver (@1000thingstodoindenver) is, you guessed it, an account about things to do in Denver.  She posts about events, restaurants, views, name it!  I love the variety this account provides (it's not all hikes and mountains LOL) and I have saved countless posts to refer back to when we're trying to plan an adventure.


Julie Bauer of @paleomg is one of Denver's best Instagram accounts to follow via Kristiina Craven Photography blog.

Juli Bauer Roth, AKA: @PaleOMG, is so freaking hilarious.  I'm sure being funny is not what she expects to be at the top of the list when being described, but her Instastories make me laugh out loud all the time--not an easy thing to do when you're just sharing tidbits from your day to day life. 

She lives in Denver and has three incredible paleo cookbooks and a crazy successful blog dedicated to the paleo lifestyle, fitness/crossfit, and fashion.  Her feed is beautiful, her recipes are to die for, and her French Bulldog, Jackson, is a star in his own right (some people can be intolerable when "talking" to their dogs on Instagram, but Juli somehow comes off as funny).  Plus, she shares a lot of awesome Denver restaurants that are gluten-free and paleo, which works out great for this paleo-eating mama :)

Walnut Street Photography

A black and white photo from @walnutstreetphotography from the 'best denver instagrammers' post on Kristiina Craven Photography.

Noah Berg and his wife, Leat, started this Colorado photography business (@walnutstreetphotography) and I just love their gorgeous Instagram feed--it's (mostly) local couples getting married, senior portraits, and family shoots.  The photos are unique and special (love their perspective!) and I always feel inspired when I see their posts.  #photographygoals

Denver Post

The @denverpost instagram feed is the best for staying in the know in and around Denver, Co.

The Denver Post (@denverpost) offers incredible stories and variety from local events.  Since the photos are from the Denver Post newspaper, it has a very photojournalist/documentary feel to it.  Great Instagram to follow if you live in Denver and want to be in the know about happenings that you won't know about otherwise.

Eat Like Locals

Best Instagram accounts to follow in Denver, Colorado.

The Eat Like Locals Instagram account (@eatlikelocals) can be very dangerous.  I was just perusing their feed to choose a photo to highlight here on the blog and my stomach is now growling...they offer good eating recommendations around Denver paired with mouth watering photos--what can be wrong with that? 

Julie Harris Photography

Julie Harris Photography is a must follow on Instagram for beautiful and unique wedding and family portraiture. 

When I stumbled across Julie's feed (@julieharrisphotography) a couple of years ago, it was a big moment for me.  I wasn't sure if my style of photography--unstyled, candid, lifestyle approach--was a viable approach to professional family photography.  Seeing her deep, beautiful photos filled with so much emotion, a spark was lit inside me.  I knew I had a place in the photography world.  Julie's photo-journalistic style to weddings and family photos is something I strive to achieve in my photography.  I love how she breaks hard and fast photography rules-especially when there is a story to be told.  She's a great follow regardless of where you live--a great photo is a great photo amIright?  

She makes me want to pick up my camera and push myself to make better photos.  It's a great feed if you appreciate art through photos.

5280 Magazine

5280 Magazine is one of Denver's best instagram accounts to follow. 

The 5280 Magazine Instagram account (@5280magazine) highlights local stories, events, and eye-catching photos around Colorado.  It's a great follow for anyone living in Denver--it keeps me in the know, while giving my eyes something beautiful to rest on throughout the day--the feed is full of gorgeous photos. 

Denver Style Magazine

Denver Style Magazine's instagram feed is a beauty and style fans dream in Denver, Co.

Another local magazine, Denver Style Magazine (@denverstylemagazine) is full of beautifully styled photos in and around the Denver area.  Think gorgeous models wearing beautiful clothes and jewelry while they highlight local businesses and events.  It's a happy Instagram feed to follow (and keeps you in the know of the local fashion and beauty scene if you're in to that!).  And with the world's news seemingly ever-depressing, I like having some happy in my day to distract me!

So that's my list of favorite Denver Instagrammers, for now!  I follow a lot of people on Instagram and this is a small list, but they are truly some of my favorite accounts to follow.  If you live in Denver, you should start following them ASAP :)  I have a feeling there will need to be a Part 2 for this list soon, stay tuned!

I'd love to connect with you on Instagram! You can follow me here: @kristiinacraven

Instagram is the BEST distraction these you feel the same?  Who did I miss on this list??



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