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Photographing Everyday Moments While on Vacation

Photographing Everyday Moments While on Vacation

We just spent 10 days in Virginia visiting family and friends and to say it was a whirlwind, is an understatement.  There was a wedding, a quickie one night stay in Joe's Washington, DC, hotel (portrait gallery and The Spy Museum, FTW!), a friend's lake house, Fun get the idea.  Lots of back and forth.  But the glue that kept it all together was Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

A grandma and her granddaughter hug after baking together--candid shots that show true connections are the best! Photo by Denver Family Photographer, Kristiina Craven.

I always think I'll take a ton of pictures while we're there (not much else to do..HAHA).  It was harder than I expected, but the shots I got we will cherish.

My daughter has suddenly taken to baking and cooking thanks to Steve and Kate's camp and my mom (despite exhaustion) was hell bent on teaching her how to make Finnish pulla bread.  To say it's a "tradition" growing up is an understatement. 

A grandmother teaches her granddaughter how to make Finnish Pulla bread.  Photo by Denver Family Photographer, Kristiina Craven Photography.

It's one of those recipes that doesn't get written down, but Kate quickly took pen to paper to jot down everything she could remember so that we can practice when we get home. 

Mom teaching my daughter to make Finnish pulla bread while we were on vacation. Photos by Denver Family Photographer, Kristiina Craven.

There are so many shots I wish I'd taken while we visited, but capturing this moment makes up for all the ones I missed.  I will cherish these photos for years to come and I know Kate will have them to show her daughter (or son!) when she passes the recipe along!

A girl kneads her first batch of Finnish pulla bread as shot by Denver Family Photographer, Kristiina Craven.

Sometimes we overlook the mundane, everyday moments as not camera-worthy, but I encourage you to pull out your camera--even your camera phone to capture everyday moments.  You will never regret taking the shot--only NOT taking the shot. 



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