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Tuesday's Together Denver | June 2017 | The Metlo

The longer I'm in business, the more I appreciate the communities created around creatives and photography--locally and nationally.  A couple of month's ago, I joined Denver's Tuesday's Together group on Facebook and I am thrilled to have found such an open and varied group of creatives.  Plus, with each meeting, I'm introduced to a new local business and location around Denver.

The Denver chapter of he Rising Tide Society met for their monthly "Tuesday's Together" a week early (instead of the traditional 2nd Tuesday of the month) on the rooftop of the Broadway Plaza Metlo

It was a gorgeous Denver night and the views were amazing.  We did our usual chatting and networking before diving into this month's chosen topic, "SEO."

I love all of the original touches that the owners kept with Broadway Plaza Motel renovation and rebrand. Photo by Kristiina Craven Photography

The Metlo is the rebranded name of the Broadway Plaza Motel a 1950's motel that was recently renovated and now provides a retail and office space for 30 businesses, as well as a rooftop meeting place.  Located at 11th and Broadway, it used to be a complete eyesore and the area was a little bit....sketchy.  But it's a star in this rejuvenated part of Denver and I absolutely love how they kept the bones (and feel) of the original motel when they gutted it. 

The leader of the Denver's Rising Tide Society chapter is Rebecca (below, right) from Rose's Arsenal design studio.  She manages all of the planning (including recruiting speakers) and finding a location for the Tuesday's Together meetings.  She introduced us to Alexandra Black Paulick, a master content creator and podcaster, to talk all things SEO.

Rebecca Brinton introduces Alexandra Black Paulick to talk all things SEO at the Denver Rising Tide Society's Tuesdays Together on the rooftop space of the Broadway Metlo.  Photo by Kristiina Craven Photography

Alex provided so much solid information and what I love the most about these meetings is the way that the attendees are as open as the speakers and they share their experiences and knowledge which makes it all the more valuable.  SEO is a hot topic and there was so much to digest. 

As the sun set during our meeting, the views were beautiful. 

As the night went on, the abiance of the rooftop grew at Denver's The Metlo. Photo by Kristiina Craven Photography
The sky and moutain views from The Metlo in Denver at the June Tuesday's Together meeting. Photo by Kristiina Craven Photography.

Even the colors in the hallway walking down to my car stopped me in my tracks.  The refinished concrete throughout is gorgeous.

Beautiful nighttime light at the Metlo in Denver from photographer kristiina craven.

What is Tuesday's Together?

Tuesday's Together is the monthly meetup of the international group, The Rising Tide Society, an organization that connects creatives for networking, education, and inspiration.  Their motto is: "community over competition."  Their name was inspired by the saying, "a rising tide lifts all boats." 

It's for anyone in the service and creative products business--photographers, wedding planners, bloggers--I've met skin estheticians, content creators, you name it! 

Tuesday's Together meetings are usually on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and they have a theme that helps each chapter get the conversation started.  Due to travel schedules, the June meeting was held a week early, hence my early post. 

A "watch your step" sign on your way up to the rooftop of The Metlo as shown by photographer, Kristiina Craven, in Denver, CO.

More about The Metlo

You can read more about the renovation of this old motel from this piece and from this article.  (Like when they gutted it and got down to the original concrete, they decided to refinish it giving it a modern and industrial vibe.)

There is space for about 30 businesses to lease at the Metlo.  The meeting space on the rooftop of The Metlo is really cool.  It would be great for a company dinner or happy hour, or for a rehearsal dinner!  It's got plenty of personality and is located at 11th and Broadway--a perfect location (near the Capitol, museums, Civic Center eats, and more!).

View from the steps of Denver's The Metlo at 11th and Broadway towards Torchy's Tacos. Photo by Kristiina Craven Photography

And looky-here...there is a Torchy's Tacos right across the street.  It was all I could do to not swing in there before I headed home from the Tuesday's Together meeting.  I reminded myself that I have a Torchy's not five minutes from home on Arapahoe in Greenwood Village. 

I'm betting that having Torchy's across the street helped sweeten the deal for some of The Metlo's lessees LOL

I can't wait for next month's Tuesday's Together.  It's fun seeing old faces and also meeting new people in the area.



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