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Denver Family Photographer | Fresh 48 | Oliver

Denver Family Photographer | Fresh 48 | Oliver

I absolutely love photographing families in the hospital after they've welcomed a new member of the family.  Typically called a "Fresh 48," in-hospital newborn photography is such a happy and joyous time in a young family's life. 

A new father changes his newborn son's diaper in the hospital. Denver family photographer | Fresh 48 in-hospital newborn photo session.

Look at that face!  Newborns are so helpless, yet so vocal LOL.  And telling the story of a baby's first days is something this family will cherish forever!

A doctor checks out an hours old baby boy in Denver. |Denver Family Photographer Fresh 48

And despite everyone's collective exhaustion, most people are typically running high on adrenaline.  Visitors are a welcome sight and siblings excitedly (anxiously?) meet their new baby brother or sister for the first time. 

A young girl holds her baby brother for the first time during an in-hospital newborn photo shoot in Denver. 
A newborn baby boy family photo session in Denver, Colorado.  Denver newborn photographer fresh 48 in-hospital photography.

I met baby Oliver just a few hours after he was born.  He already had this whole "baby brother"/son/grandson thing down pat.  Grandparents gushed over him and his big sister didn't seem to skip a beat! 

A grandmother is overwhelmed with emotion as she meets her new grandson in the hospital in Denver, CO. Denver newborn and family photo sessions.

The emotion that runs through every person who pops in for a minute, or a few hours is so moving.  No matter if this is baby number one or number 10!   And that was the case in this hospital room.  Oliver is a lucky little boy.

A newborn baby boy lays on his boppy in his hospital room. | Denver newborn photographer | Fresh 48

When I worked at Bella Baby Photography, I never knew what to expect out of the mom--sometimes moms would give me a finger cross and would ban me from turning my lens on them.  While others were showered, "make-uped," and dressed for their photo shoot! 

Oliver's momma hadn't even been to the bathroom, much less had time to think about being "camera ready."  I thought she looked amazing--she had that new mom glow.  But she was adamant about not being in any of the photos.  I convinced her to be included in some blurry background shots, and I promised her I would use some other creative angles.  She's the one who did all of the work--I think she needs to be in at least some of the shots! 

A family sits just a few hours after mom delivered a baby boy in a hospital in Denver, CO.  Denver family photography | Fresh 48

I'm glad I was able to get her in some of the photos!  Here are a couple more from that day:

A big sister holds gifts next to her mom and new baby brother in a hospital in Denver, CO.  Denver Newborn and Family Photographer | Fresh 48
A Denver newborn photographer captures the reflection of a newborn baby boy. | Fresh 48 photo session

Welcome to the world, Oliver! 

CHEERS! --Kristiina

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