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Photo Challenge! The NAPCP Denver Chapter May Gathering

I went to my first NAPCP meetup!  What is the NAPCP (pronounced, "NAP-C-P), you ask?  The NAPCP (National Association of Professional Children's Photographers) is a national organization created to support and educate professional family photographers.  But it also serves as a resource to families in search of photographers who specialize in children and family photography.  You have to apply and be accepted to the organization after a portfolio review, so you can trust the photographers listed in their directory will provide you with a fantastic experience--whatever style you prefer. 

Members of the Denver chapter of the NAPCP take head shots of one another in RiNo, Denver, CO.

Left to Right: Melissa from Z. Noelle Photography | Lisa from Lisa Turner Photography | Molly from Molly Garg Photography | Willie from Life Unstill Photography | Glenda from Glenda Cebrian Photography  [Jennifer from Jennifer Winder Photography not pictured.]

I was able to join the Denver chapter in a quarterly meetup that took place last week.  I met up with six other pro's in every sense of the term.  These women are very well-established and accomplished and I was grateful to soak up every tidbit they shared LOL

a member of Denver's NAPCP checks the LCD of her Nikon camera on a photo walk in RiNo, Denver, CO.

We did a photo walk in RiNo (River North Art District in Denver) and then had lunch at Los Chingones.  We took head shots of each other in front of all the super cool murals around RiNo and then snapped whatever moved us to press the shutter.  Our theme for the walk was both "color" and "geometry."  And there was plenty of both! 

A woman whips her hair around in front of a blue flower mural in RiNo, Denver, Co.
A member of the Denver chapter of the NAPCP gets a head shot taken in RiNo, Denver, CO.
Molly Garg poses in front of a "Big Love" wall mural in RiNo, Denver, Co.
"We the people protect each other" street art in RiNo, Denver, CO, is spotted on the NAPCP photo challenge walk.

Lunch was truly a meeting of the minds and we were all free to ask business questions in addition to just "get to know you" questions.  I felt incredibly supported by these amazing women and can't wait to get more involved in the local photography community. 

Tacos from los chingones restaurant in RiNo, Denver, CO and Denver Tech Center.  photo:  Los Chingones

Tacos from los chingones restaurant in RiNo, Denver, CO and Denver Tech Center. photo: Los Chingones

I didn't take any pictures at lunch, but it rocked my socks!  Los Chingones is a unique take on Mexican fare.  They call themselves, "sassy" and "badass" and I would agree!  It was so good--you have to try the brussel sprouts.  The sauce is unreal.  And I just noticed they have a location in the Denver Tech Center (South Denver Represent!!) and a location opening in Stapleton this summer.  (Is it just me or is everyone opening a location in Stapleton these days?  Sounds like the place to be!)

It was a gorgeous day for my first NAPCP gathering and I can't wait to bring my kids back to take pictures in front of the unlimited, vibrant murals. 

A black, yellow, and orange street art mural in RiNo, Denver, CO gives the illusion of walking toward a yellow door on the NAPCP photo challenge walk. 

Cheers! --Kristiina

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