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Denver Candid Family Photographer | Newborn | Serenity's First Bath

Denver Candid Family Photographer | Newborn | Serenity's First Bath

Rachel delivered Serenity with a mid-wife in a birthing center, not a hospital.  Once she delivered her, Rachel didn't stay overnight, so we opted to do her newborn photos in their home.  We landed on a date a few weeks after Serenity's birth and I was lucky enough to be there for her first bath!

She was most displeased with the whole 'bath time' thing...

Mom and dad giving baby girl her first bath. Denver Newborn Photographer | Candid Family Photos

Serenity is so lucky to have two very interested and caring parents and these photos are sure to show her that when she gets older. 

A father comforts his newborn daughter during her newborn photo shoot in Denver, CO.
Mom and dad beam at newborn daughter during their first family photo shoot in Denver, CO.

What is it about the contrast between a tatooed dad and his newborn baby?  So sweet...

A tatooed father calms his newborn daughter down in Denver, CO | Candid Family Photographer
A new mom smiles down on beautiful baby girl in Denver, CO.

Serenity's grandparents were also in town and could hardly contain their excitement for this beautiful new child.  There was a lot of arguing as to who was her favorite ;)

Grandparents meet their granddaughter in Denver, CO. | Candid Family Photography

Dads seem to have a knack for swaddling, don't they?  It's like they learned how to wrap a burrito as a kid and just transferred that knowledge over to their newborn HAHA. 

A new dad swaddles his crying baby girl in Denver, CO

Serenity's parents were calm, cool and collected throughout our time together.  I had a blast learning more about Rachel's birth plan (self-hypnosis for pain management? Umm, ROCK STAR) and just seeing the love they have for their first daughter was inspiring.  I love my job!

Dad smiles down at newborn daughter as mom smiles and looks on in Denver, CO.

Here are a few more shots from our session together--even the cat came out of her shell to meet the new member of the family.

Welcome to the world, Serenity! 

cheers, Kristiina

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