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The Good List #6 | Denver Candid Family Photographer

It was Spring Break last week, so lots of things to be grateful for on my Good List!

Boy riding the gondola on Vail mountain in Colorado | Denver Candid Family Photographer

1.  Generous friends who loan you their place in Vail.  Guys, it was UNREAL to get to stay in East Vail and get the kids on the slopes.  I don't ski, but Joe and the kids really enjoyed themselves and we all loved just getting out of the house and our normal routine.  This was a shot from the gondola ride up to the restaurant at the top of the mountain.

Black and white picture of Brother and Sister on the bus to Vail in Colorado | Denver Candid Family Photographer

2.  Kids who are used to my crazy picture taking of "mundane moments".  To me, those are the most precious.  (On the ride from Vail back to the house.)

Women eating Trader Joe's Parsnip Chips and Green Dragon Sauce | Denver Candid Family Photographer

3.  New food finds from Trader Joe's: Parsnip Chips and Green Dragon Sauce (Okay, the latter isn't NEW, but it's a new/fresh bottle! We've been enjoying this sauce for over a year--fantastic on nachos, sliders, hash and eggs, etc).  And I love these parsnip chips--slightly sweeter than potato chips, but salty, crunchy, goodness, nonetheless.  Also. You guys, when I went to add these to my cart the other day, a super helpful customer said, "Yeah, because those are healthier than potato chips." With kind of a huff/you're an idiot if you think you're fooling yourself.  For realz.  Some people need to stop projecting ;)

Coffee With a Cop in Greenwood Village, CO.  An officer explains his tool belt from his uniform to a child.  Denver Candid Family Photographer.

4.  Coffee With a Cop.  What a cool program--officers from three surrounding districts came together at a local McDonald's so that anyone could stop in and chat.  Townes wasn't feeling well, but Kate and I made an appearance.  It was really cool to talk and learn more about what these guys do day-to-day.  And Kate didn't mind the mini-milkshakes and cookies that McDonald's provided :)

Date night at Fire restaurant at the Art hotel and music at Ogden Theater. | Denver Candid Family Photographer

5.  Date night!  We did dinner and a show with some of Joe's work cohorts and despite the weather, it was a total blast!  We ate at Fire restaurant in the Art hotel and then saw G Love and Special Sauce at the Ogden Theater. (When Joe said we were going to see them, I thought we'd gone back in time about 20 years LOL). 

But the best discovery of the night was this band from NYC named, "City of the Sun".  No vocals, just instruments and they were incredible!

That about sums it up.  What's on your Good List this week??

Denver Candid Family Photographer | Newborn | Serenity's First Bath

Denver Candid Family Photographer | Newborn | Serenity's First Bath

The Good List #5 | Denver Candid Family Photographer