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The Good List #5 | Denver Candid Family Photographer

I love having a regular spot to share gratitude.  You may not know this, but I've started and stopped a few blogs in my life and I really miss talking about things/products I love.  When I find something I love I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW haha.  So you'll see me sprinkling in some food discoveries, beauty products I'm loving, recipes that blow my get the idea!  Those things help make life good, so they should be included in The Good List :)

A Denver woodworker clamping a round table in his workshop. | Denver Candid Family Photographer

1.  I live with a passionate woodworker.  He builds me things because I threaten to bring home a mass produced (gasp!) piece of furniture from Home Goods :)  I'm not hating on Home Goods--in fact, it's one of my favorite stores, but store bought furniture just doesn't fly around these parts...and that's an awesome thing for me!!

Review of bright and colorful abstract art by Soul Revival Healing Arts in Chicago | Denver Candid Family Photographer

2.  Original artwork.  From an incredible lady named, Verse. :)  She has a business called Soul Revival Healing Arts and I can't get over her pieces.  They are vibrant and colorful and kind of light me up inside when I see them.  This piece is perfect for our entryway!  I can't wait to finish off this area (coming for you Home Goods!!) and find things that compliment this beautiful piece and my new table.

Middle aged woman showing hoop earrings | Denver Candid Family Photographer | SUGARFIX Baublebar hoop earrings review

3.  Have you seen Target's latest collaboration with Bauble Bar?  It's SUGARFIX by Bauble Bar and every time I walk by I stop and contemplate buying more earrings and necklaces.  I grabbed a necklace and these hoop earrings recently and I'm so happy I did.  These earrings are not traditional hoops--they stay on the front of your lobe!  They are an edgy take (well, edgy by MY standards LOL) on hoop earrings and they were $10!  #loveyouTarget

Black and white image of a little girl watching a show on the ipad on Yes Day! | Denver Candid Family Photographer

4.   Yes Day! We do Yes Day's about 3x/year (the kids want to do it on the first day of each new season, but they always forget and I don't remind them :)  If you are unfamiliar with the book, basically it's a day where mom and dad can only respond with "Yes!" when the kids ask to do something (i.e. watch a movie, go to McDonalds).  Kids hear a lot of "No's" throughout their early years and it's a way for us all to just go with the flow.  Note: we DO have some loop holes if what they're asking for is not in the cards..I'll often say, "Yes! But not until next week."  Our typical Yes Day's include staying in PJs, watching extra TV, and having ice cream for breakfast.  Pretty minor stuff, me thinks!

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate review facial oils.

5.   I use a variety of products on my skin, but lately, I've been having a real Kiehl's moment.  These facial oils are the BEST.  I especially like the morning Daily Reviving Concentrate (yellow bottle) as it does just as it describes:  it revives my skin and gets it prepared for my foundation.  The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is lovely, as well.  I use these every day and night (sometimes I'll trade the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair) and my skin has never looked better!  I have dehydrated skin and living in Denver's dry climate doesn't help!  Kiehl's to the rescue :)

Newborn baby boy on deer print boppy. | Denver Candid Newborn Photographer

6.  Newborn babies!  More on this beautiful baby boy in the coming weeks.  He was only hours old.  It's such a privilege to share a child's first hours/days with the family. 

I hope you have plenty of things to add to your The Good List this week! 

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cheers! --Kristiina


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