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The Good List #4 | Denver Candid Family Photographer

There are lots of things I could add to my "The Good List," but I'll try not to go overboard :)

1.  Townes turned 11! Whoot :) We had a nice, low-key birthday party with 3 friends who we took to see The Lego Batman movie. I loathe planning parties--this was the easiest and most stress-free party we've ever done.

denver candid family photographer boy birthday
Denver candid family photographer with boy cutting birthday cake with dad.

2.  Daughters who are serious and silly and who always keep us guessing :)

Denver candid family photographer with young girl in great wolf lodge cub ears talking.

3.  Early, scratch that: SUMMER here in Denver.  The kids did some of those awesome water balloons that fill 35 at a time from the hose. Thank you, Costco for offering these in bulk!

denver candid family photographer kids filling water balloons in Greenwood Village, CO
denver candid family photographer kids filling water balloons in Greenwood Village, CO

4.  The kids wanted pocket knives and Joe gave them a solid safety training on how to handle them. Kate was laser focused (hey, a girl can do two things at once, right?!).

Denver candid family photographer kids' knife safety Greenwood Village, CO

5.  I did a major clear out of my closet in anticipation of a bathroom/closet renovation.  And I found FIVE Christmas gifts still sitting in their original shopping bag hidden under a mound of who knows what.  Embarrassing, but true.  So, I have a new shirt to wear thanks to me and Urban Outfitters haha!  Plus, it is #portraitsofme Monday on Instagram, and I have been severely lacking with this project, so it was a good excuse to whip out the ol' shutter remote and get in a selfie :)

Denver candid family photographer self portrait in Greenwood Village, CO

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