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The Good List #2 | Denver Lifestyle Photographer

Hello, Friends!

Here is this week's The Good List:

1. Birthday Parties. I know, I know. Most parents groan at the thought of a kid's birthday party, but when you struggle in the social department, an invitation to a party feels AMAZING. Anything to give him another chance to connect with his classmates is worth the sacrifice (like the one I made yesterday while attending a party at Skate City...sensory overload!).

2. Joe is busy working on my circular entry table...cannot wait!!

3. S’mores in the comfort of your own home.

4. Carpool shenanigans: a self portrait.

5. Catching your daughter dancing while looking for the mustard.

6. Not pictured: Billions and The Detour are baaack!!!

denver family photographer birthday card
denver family photographer woodshop
denver family photographer smores
denver family photographer more smores
denver family photographer dog
denver family photographer girl dancing fridge

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