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The Good List #1 | Denver Family Lifestyle Photographer

I take lots of pictures of my family.  They have finally clued into the fact that I don't expect them to smile, or even look at me when I whip out my camera.  They will get a prompt reminder to "pretend I'm not here" if they start to pose.  I figured I'd share some of those pics here on the blog...

Then I noticed that Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind was doing little posts on her Instagram feed called, "The Good List" and it inspired me. She lists the little things she's grateful for in her day, captured in a photo. I've been trying to be more vocal about my gratitude and I thought I'd start a series here on the good things in my life as shown through my day-to-day photos.

I won't keep you in any more suspense hahaha!  Here is my first "The Good List":

1. Watching Joe (patiently) work with the kids. (Last week, they built a "Tool Box" to hold each new "life tool" that Townes learns about to better handle life (i.e. taking a "Townes Vacation", deep breathing)

2. After days of agonizing introspection on what his talent is for his school's talent show, Townes finally settled on art. He created two paintings and presented them this week.

3. Playing hooky and Joe taking the kids skiing (I was there for moral support!). And lessons from "Jungle Jim" who had a two headed stuffed snake on his ski helmet--a big hit with our kids. (BONUS: I don't have to make anyone's lunch since we always stop at the Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs on our way home!)

4. Joe helping the kids with their homework...always nice to have a teammate when it comes to homework :) Also, those flags are goners!! I found a new home for them in our new basement exercise/movie room.

I hope your week was filled with goodness, too!

xo -kristiina

denver family photographer girl helping in woodshop
denver family photographer dad and kids
denver family photographer making a box

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The Good List #2 | Denver Lifestyle Photographer

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