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EEK! Denver Style Magazine Issue 11!

EEK! Denver Style Magazine Issue 11!

Teresa Anderson poses for photos for the Denver Style Magazine Issue No. 11 in Greenwood Village, CO.

Holy moly, you guys!  One of my photos is in a real life, printed magazine!!  I'm not ashamed to totally geek out over it, too :)

It's funny how life works.  Just when I thought that I might have to give up this part-time photography gig since we just made the massive shift in the family to unschooling both of our kids.  Opportunities started presenting themselves to me.  Instead of outright rejecting them because of all of my doubts (could I handle work and unschooling?), I decided to stay open and just say "yes".  I'm so glad I did!   

Teresa Anderson decorated her home for the holidays a couple of months early for the Denver Style Magazine photo shoot in October. 

One of those opportunities was with the Denver Style Magazine.  I got to work with Teresa Swanstrom Anderson who is Denver Style Magazine's Mommy Style Contributor.  She looks like a movie star and acts like your sister or your best friend when you meet her.  The shoot was to accompany her article in this month's issue that released yesterday!  She wrote about staying connected to what matters most during the often hectic holiday season.  

While this family photo below was staged, the interactions are genuine.  This family has so much love for each other and beyond that--they had so much fun just being together! 

Teresa Anderson and her family hang out in their living room in their PJs during the Christmas season near Denver, CO.

The entire shoot was a total blast.  I have a thing for seeing how things work "behind the scenes" and while it was a crazy couple of hours, it was just too cool to see how everything was styled and set up.  I was very much out of my comfort zone of my typical casual and candid shots, but I loved being pushed to grow. 

It helps that everyone was so laid back and fun!  Kat Thomas did Teresa's hair and makeup.  Katie Fruchtman from Pretty Life Designs styled the shoot.  And Sarah from Something Styled provided the flowers and greenery.  The owners of Denver Style Magazine, Kelsey Bigelow and Heather Okimoto were there managing the entire process.   

And if you don't know Teresa, check out her blog for things inspiration, encouragement, and lifestyle.  She's more than just her pink hair :)  In fact, she's just written a book that will be released soon!  Talk about inspirational--six kids, a successful blog, and she found time to write a book...

This shoot happened a month ago and I'm still riding the high.  It was great working with new people, but more importantly, I said "yes" to something that scared me and I had to apply my photography skills to something new.  I learned so much about photography and myself in the process.  There are many things I would go back and do differently for these photos--but that is the beauty of life and learning.  Life is a process of unfolding, isn't it?  



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