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Upping My Game: Editing For Artists

Upping My Game: Editing For Artists

I've been feeling so behind these past two weeks because I have been taking the very intense "Editing for Artists" online class with Roxanne Bryant through Illuminate Classes.  As things go in life, It started almost at the exact time that we began a new homeschooling/unschooling journey with our son (more on that another day), soooo I'm a little behind. 

All that to say, this will be a post about our life lately (AKA: punting).

I delivered the gallery of a completely beautiful and totally chill and cool family in Louisville, Colorado.  I love it when clients are as laid back as I am :)

Two young girls play Barbie while their dog rests nearby in this black and white image by Kristiina Craven Photography in Denver, Colorado.

The image below is one I worked on in my Editing for Artists class.  Color theory when applied to editing photos is a beautiful thing.  And I have A LOT of work and more learning to do.  But this image was a success and it gave me a huge confidence boost.  Roxanne is simply a dream teacher--I'll write more about my experience in the class in another post.  Spoiler: mind.blown.

A boy lets a colorful bird eat nectar from his hand at an exhibit at the Denver Zoo. With Kristiina Craven Photography

Our sweet little Rex celebrated his one year birthday last weekend (at least, that was our best guess since he is a rescue dog!).  He was a good sport.  The lighting here was doggy-doo-doo, so we tried some artificial light with minimal success.  But that doesn't take away from his cuteness.  #chihuahuaterrier

A black chihuahua terrier relaxes with his birthday hat on the back of his big sister, a plotthound, in Denver, Colorado.

Speaking of our pets.  We have two new additions....yep, both of the kids got hamsters.  They flipped their lids when we surprised them.  The hamsters got loose not less than three times in the first day we brought them home. 

But they have finally settled into their little routine.  Scooter (shown below) is a maniac...she doesn't stop moving.  Bow is a little more laid back.  So far, it's been smooth sailing!

(Don't you love the subtle and chic cage the kids chose?)

A tiny robo hamster runs on her hamster wheel in greenwood village, colorado.

I hope you have a great start to your week! 



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