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Perfect Pinterest Life...NOT

Perfect Pinterest Life...NOT

I don't know about you, but a few years ago, I went into PPLO aka: "Perfect Pinterest Life" overload.  I love some good eye candy as much as the next person, but it's not real life and it's an impossible standard to live up to.  I am not innocent in this phenomenon.  I've dabbled in the blogging world and I can assure you I never posted a picture that did not involve a lot of picking up (and possibly shoving stray toys and dirty clothes into nearby closets) to create the "perfect" image. Not to mention the 100 shutter clicks to get just the right angle!

And while there are days when I do have it together and the house is in order, the reality is, we live there.  Our home is not a museum. This is my favorite print in the house:


This mentality of the appearance of perfection also transferred itself to our family pictures. I was constantly retaking shots once I had them uploaded and I discovered the clutter in and around the kids.  "Well that's embarrassing...let me try this again." 

I slowly gravitated toward the candid moments that capture my kids at their best...and worst LOL For example, This picture of my toddlers screaming takes me right back to the townhouse we were living in and one of their first ventures out in the snow.

An open family photo book sits on a bench in Denver. Family Denver Photographer.

It was a trying morning ;) I spent more time getting them bundled up than they did out in the snow and they quickly were screaming because of the intense cold on their cheeks (even today they manage to smash snow on their faces).

The picture, while not technically a masterpiece of lighting and focus, is one of my favorites because it takes me right back to that moment and it accurately portrays their age--it tells our story. The one where I quit my job, to raise our kids and the ups and downs and joy that we all experienced as a result.  I think I was laughing tears because it was so ridiculous and I'm glad I snapped these images because I never would have remembered that day, otherwise.

That photo lives in one of our family yearbooks.

A girl looks at a family photo book in Denver. What to do with your photos by denver family photographer.

We have been printing 'family yearbooks' for about 6 years and they are filled with those types of photos. As my photography skills have improved, so have my story telling abilities.  I am the photojournalist of my family.  I've never been a great journal writer, but telling our story through photos just works for me. The kids pull out these family yearbooks a couple of times a year and reminisce.

A boy and girl look at family photo book in Denver. | Family Photography | What do do with your photos.

But it's more important than just reminiscing. When our kids see all of those images of us together in a book or in a stack of books, they feel connected, loved, and CONFIDENT. Confident that no matter what, we are a family.

My passion is to capture the perfectly imperfect moment—a moment that takes me back to the scene and that tells the story. The REAL story.

It’s the look of joy (or exasperation) from a mom to her kids; a child’s look of concentration while conquering their Legos/crafts or their silly face while telling you a funny story; pride from dad while teaching his child to ride a bike/throw a ball/be a good human; or the way a husband and wife look at each other with an understanding that only they share.

A boy and girl show off their lego creations in Denver. | Denver Family Photographer

Emotion. That's what I'm trying to freeze in time.

I'm following my gut and doing what feels comfortable. Scratch that: doing what feels good!

I would love to work with you and capture some of your family's moments. Send me a note and let's start chatting!

xo, Kristiina


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