Welcome to Getting Unschooled :)  I'm a homeschooling, 40-something, low-carb eating, retired photographer, mom of two preteens living in Denver, Colorado.  I love blogging and connecting with people like you!  Have a look around and come back every week for new posts.


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We're almost 1 year into our homeschooling journey and I have learned SO MUCH.  I've written quite a few posts since we made this huge change in our lives last fall. 

Click for the Week in the Life series and more of the nitty gritty of our lives as we navigate homeschooling.



Homeschooling allows us to travel more with the kids and tag along on Joe's work trips!  Follow along as we visit new cities and push our kids to their limits ;)  


I've been eating Paleo for nine years and last February I made the switch over to Keto.  It was an easy transition and I'm loving the results (more energy, lighter, happier).  

Interested in learning more about Keto?  Click here:



I love writing product reviews for things that we've tried and are loving.  I generally won't post about something unless we love it.  But I always have a pros and cons list :) 


I'm going to be 44 in a few weeks (what the??) and so far life in my 40s has been my favorite phase of life, to date.  It's so cliche, but I truly am finding my voice, my groove, and what makes me tick.  

Finally.  Click for  outfit inspiration to beauty products I'm loving:

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Blogging and photography are my greatest passions.  #cantstopwontstop  I post tutorials and photo diaries as well as tips and tricks!